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サルディン島 Sarudein Shima (Saldine Island)
Tidal Flat
North Island Region; Northern Islands

Saldine is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is a small archipelago of tropical islands connected by sandbanks. The area boasts tropical fruits, a fresh spring with sweet water, and verdant foliage including tropical flowers and palm trees. It is also home to a beautiful lagoon where travelers can fish and swim. Saldine's water level changes accordingly with the tide.


Ryu, Nina and the others luckily managed to cure the sick Pabpab child with the mozweed herb they procured on a distant island. Poko, the mother, shows the party the way to the tidal flats, which connect the Northern Islands with the Western Continent. They slowly proceed forward and even spot a Earth Gem along the way, which further augments the Yorae Dragon's prowess. After an extensive march, the sun sets and the party needs to rush to the next major island.

Cray insists that they should proceed with their journey whereas Nina thinks it's fine if they stay overnight. They build a makeshift camp and spend the night on this island.

On the next day, however, the tide has swept away the path to the mainland, effectively trapping the party on their campsite. Nina apologizes to Cray several times while he blames himself for not soldiering on. Ursula defuses the situation and suggests that they should scout the area together. Ryu, Nina and Ursula set out to scout the terrain.

The party spots a spring which serves as a source of sweetwater. A bit further into the island, they eventually find a small secluded beach, which is perfectly suitable for fishing, so their food supply is secured. They return to the camp and report their findings to the others. Another day passes, and they start to get used to their island life. Ershin is just sitting in the sun, whereas Scias is often found sleeping inside the hammock.

Ryu and Nina go fishing on the next day. Nina is pondering about her relation to Cray. She saw him as brother for the most part, but seems to have developed feelings for him. Yet, Cray has always been in love with Elina. Ryu listens attentively to her as he keeps fishing. After their discussion, they head back to the camp, without fish this time. As they return to the camp, they notice that the tide is gone, meaning that they can finally proceed with their journey and continue their way to Paedra on the Western Continent.


Item Location
Poison Powder (2x) first screen, inside chest
Moon Tears towards Earth Dragon Gem, lower section, head to the left to find it inside chest
Silver Mail after Earth Dragon Gem, follow ledges and jump down to lower levels, inside chest
Crab (2x) On the way to the Fishing Spot, still on hill
Deluxe Rod On the way to the Fishing Spot, semi-hidden near bushes



Fishing Spot[]

BoFIII NinaPortrait Sprite Nina: With everyone helping me like this... I'll be finished in no time!
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The fishing spot is visited during natural story progression. Ryu can make use of the deluxe rod and crab bait found in the vicinity of this spot. He needs to catch a fish to proceed with the story.

Available Fish and baits:

  • Blowfish - (bait will be added shortly)
  • Moorfish - (bait will be added shortly)
  • Sea Bream - (bait will be added shortly)
  • Black Porgy - (bait will be added shortly)


  • The Earth Dragon Crystal containing Behemoth can be found here.
  • Saldine Fishing Spot is accessed through natural story progression
  • In the Japanese version of the game, a bathing scene at the spring took place which was cut in the North American and European releases of the game


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