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リュウ Ryuu

Ryu is a non-playable character that appears in Breath of Fire 6. Unlike the iterations of Ryu in each of the previous games, he is not the game's protagonist, but rather the protagonist's older brother and a key supporting character.

Role in Breath of Fire 6[]

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Ryu is the beloved young mayor of Dragonier Village who disappears after the village is attacked by the Insidia Empire. Following his disappearance, his younger sibling, the game's Hero, goes in search of him.

Breath of Fire 6: The Inherited Force[]

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Chapter 1: Ryu has a dream about a girl with wings singing a Beautiful but sad song before being attacked by a monster, causing him to wake up. He is later seen sparring in the village with his brother (Named Kai in the manga) with Ryu quickly getting the upper hand and defeating him, but acknowledging his brother's growth. Fei, a newcomer of the village, then appears being chased by monsters.

Ryu orders Kai to take Fei somewhere safe while he deals with the monsters, due to Kai only having a wooden sword at the time. He is later assisted by Gilliam, Amelia, Jubei, and Kai. Once the monsters are defeated he notices a bag with Dazzle Grass and ask Fei if it is hers, which she confirms. Gilliam overhears this harshly chastises Fei who didn't know that kind of herb attracts the monsters in the vicinity. Despite knowing the attack was due to the grass, Ryu was unable to shake the foreboding feeling he had from his dream. However, he's soon awakened from his ruminations when he is hit by something Amelia threw at Gilliam and sees the duo argue, which he notes is a common occurrence.


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