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ラウルフ Raurufu (Rwolf)
26-Breath of Fire IV 02295
Portrait RwolfFace Sprite
Wolba Clan
HP 0 AP 1
Pwr 1 Def 0
Wis 1 Agl 0
Skill Criteria
Eddy Perform a combo of 5 hits or more
Plateau Perform a combo of 10 hits or more
Magic Ball Perform a combo of 15 hits or more
Flame Pillar Perform a combo of 20 hits or more
Will Haste - Increases speed in combat
"The world is full of fools."
— Rwolf

Rwolf is a non-playable character who appears in Breath of Fire IV. He's the first master that the player can meet and study under in the game.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Rwolf resides in Kurok and can be found at the entrance with a bird-like animal in tow. He agrees to be Ryu and Nina's Master and teaches skills based on how many hits they do in a combo.

As a Master[]

Rwolf is the first master that you encounter in Breath of Fire IV. He has no special conditions for him to take you on as an apprentice. He teaches skills when the player attains a certain number of hits in a combo.

  • His Will ability, Haste, is good for letting slower characters have a better chance to combo, and seems to increase the parties alertness.
  • His skill requirements are reasonable and encourages the player to combine magic.
  • Rwolf has great skills (for the most part) and sets the tone for the other masters.
  • He is very good to train Nina with early on.
  • He is also a good Master for Ryu early on, as the boost to his AP stat will allow his various Dragon transformations last a bit longer during those stages, and the slight decrease in Power won't hurt too much in the beginning until more desirable Masters come along.
  • Combos involving healing magic also count toward his requirements, so those can be used as well to meet the next criteria for his skills.


Rwolf's Japanese name (ラウルフ) is a portmanteau of the Japanese pronunciation of the name "Ralph" (ラルフ, rarufu) and "wolf" (ウルフ, urufu). This indicate that Rolf's appearance is indeed modeled after a wolf rather than a domesticated dog or other canine animal. Typically, individuals with wolf-like characteristics are denoted as members of the Forest Tribe. However, the "Deep Knowledge" section of the Graphics of Breath of Fire IV artbook uses a picture of him in its description of Grassrunners. Since it also described the Woren as belonging to the Grassrunners, this seems to indicate that "Grassrunner" is a catchall term for the beastlike tribes, and that Rwolf is thereby technically a member of both the Wolba Clan and the Grassrunners.

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