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ラパラ Rapara (Rapala)
Rhapala Region

Rhapala is a location that appears in Breath of Fire III. It is a seaside town which serves as the home of the Porter's Guild.


The party stops by this town in hopes of getting a boat. They speak to Sinkar, however, he only refers them to his daughter, Shadis, about the boat. During their conversation, they witness a big sailor named Zig beating up on a nerdy guy named Beyd. After the embarrassing scene, Beyd says that the boat isn't available at the moment and that he can't do anything about it. On the way out of the Wharf, Shadis apologizes about what happened before and tells you to speak with Sinkar about using the road instead of the boat. Unfortunately, the road around Mt. Zublo is also impassible due to a recent volcanic eruption.

Because the party is stuck in town and has nothing better to do, on their second day in town, Nina decides to get Beyd and Shadis together. Beyd immediately objects since he isn't a big, strong sailor like Zig. Although Nina offers to have the party train him, he refuses and walks away. Soon after, Zig begins planning his attempt to fix the Lighthouse in order to win Shadis over. Beyd can't bear to lose her to Zig so he reconsiders the offer and has the party train him during the evening on the Wharf.

After a few training sessions, Beyd fights Zig in a one-on-one battle. Although the battle is one-on-one, the party can help him when Zig turns his head and waves to Shadis. Once Beyd finally wins, he thanks the party for helping him become stronger. The next day, Beyd is pretty banged up and cannot go fix the lighthouse so he gives you the Guild Badge, which gives the party access to the lighthouse.

After fixing the Lighthouse, it turns out that the ship hasn't returned, so the Guildmaster gives them permission to travel via Mt. Zublo, this ends Rhapala's role in Ryu's story as a child.

Ryu returns to Rhapala as an adult and it's revealed that Beyd and Shadis married and had a child and that Beyd is the new Guildmaster. Beyd has traveled to Junk Town to get the ship repaired. After the events of Junk Town occur, including repairing the ship, the ship is returned to Rhapala and Beyd agrees to lend Ryu the ship and Zig volunteers to be the captain of the ship and they set off.



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