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Repsol's Notes are a set of notes compiled by Repsol. They can be found on various bookshelves throughout The Tower.

The notes document Repsol's work with machines and chrysm.


“Machine Soldiers”

On occasion, self-activating machines have been found. As they respond to movement with aggressive action, they are called machine soldiers.

“Finding Machines”

Most machines are inoperative when found. They can be made operative by repairing them and infusing them with a fresh supply of chrysm

“Machines and Their Uses”

Machines have many practical applications. However, since their internal workings are unknown, it is very difficult to repair them.

“Chrysm Machines”

Almost all the chrysm machines that have been found are of incredibly high sophistication—too high to be reproduced.

“Magical Ore”

The source of chrysm’s power comes from the magical energy that certain creatures have before they die… At this time, the fossilization process that produces chrysm remains a mystery…

“On Chrysm and Monsters”

Certain kinds of monsters seem to react strongly to chrysm… They synchronize themselves with the energy pattern of the chrysm.

“Chrysm Beam”

When chrysm ore is subjected to high pressure, it emits a highly charged beam of light... This is called a 'chrysm beam', and has many useful applications.