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Regents are high ranking officials who act like a board of directors to govern the underground world. All of them possess high D-Ratios.

The Regents[]


The former leader and oldest of the Regents. He met his match when he lost an eye and was defeated by Elyon. When he learns of Ryu's powers, he leaves the other Regents to deal with him by himself. He is very skilled in hand to hand combat


The youngest of the Regents. He's very skilled with magic and can sense a "good" or "bad" aura amongst people, and beyond this "aura," he can glimpse the future. He also can summon an invincible monster to his aid. (Cupid is male in the Japanese version, but female in the US version)


A sorceress who is said to be able to manipulate time and space as she pleases. She speaks of a prophecy that "Man will grow wings and reach for the sky". She specializes in mind game-like tactics. She is considered by most to be a descendant or ancestor of the Grassrunner tribe, depending on your stance on the Game's timeline.


A smooth talking Regent that specializes in swift hand to hand combat. Since he has the lowest D-Ratio among the Regents, he is opposed to the idea that D-Ratio's should be used to determine everything. He likes to flirt with Hortensia and doesn't seem to take anything seriously. His speciality is the ablility to transform into an invisible wolf-like monster.


Bosch's father and a master of sword fighting skills called "Beast Skills". He is one of the longest serving Regents rivalling Deamoned and Elyon. He has the twins Ryked and Nalaka as his apprentices. He is known as Kensei (or "sword saint"). His speciality is using powerful attacks such as kirin flight and twin wake.


The leader of the Regents. He was the first to be Chosen by Odjn, and as such has the nickname of "Origin". He gave up on opening the gate because he was too worried that he wasn't doing it of his own free will, and that he might be doing something that could risk the lives of all the people in Shelter. Afterwards, he broke the link with Odjn, and decided to become a Regent and waited for the next Chosen. Since he gave up, his link to the dragon was severed. By the time Ryu appears, he has watched numerous Chosen link to dragons and then fail to reach the surface. Aware that he is dying, and worried what will happen to the world once he dies, he gives Ryu one last chance, even though Ryu isn't a Chosen. Elyon was responsible for Odjn linking to Ryu, and it was his command that Nina be surgically altered, possibly to help fulfill Hortensia's prophecy.

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