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ラッソ Rasso
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Commander in the Fou Imperial Army

Rasso is non-playable character that appears in Breath of Fire IV. He is a commander in Fou Imperial Army and serves as a recurring antagonist to the party.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

An elitist company commander dispatched to the Eastern Kingdoms to search for Ryu, Fou-Lu's key to obtaining his lost godhood, Rasso encounters the party several times throughout the game.

Initially seeking information at a bar in Sarai, Rasso decides to kidnap Nina when she comes to the aid of a man he attacked and he recognizes her as a princess of Wyndia. His plan is foiled when Nina defeats his summoned creature Joh, and Ryu fends him off, breaking the King's Sword in the process.

He meets the party again when they attempt to take the Imperial Causeway into the Empire, initiating a brief fight with Ymechaf which again ends in captain Rasso's defeat. Unable to follow them as they escape through the gateway, he expresses his awe at Ryu’s power and realizes he has located the dragon he has been searching for.

Rasso makes a final appearance at Chek, having managed to track Ryu to the location. He incapacitates Ershin and is at the Abandoned Village when the party arrives to check on the villagers. It’s revealed that he has tortured and killed everyone hiding there in an attempt to get information about Ryu out of them. He then proceeds to attack the party, overriding Ursula’s objections by saying they were never told to bring Ryu back to the Empire in one piece and removing one of his limbs might make him more cooperative. After an impossible battle, his actions and goading finally cause Ryu to lose control of himself, become the unstable Kaiser Dragon, and wipe out Rasso, his troops, and a good bit of the surrounding landscape with little effort.


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