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Breath of Fire II Ranger HQ

Ranger HQ in Breath of Fire II

Ranger is a recurring profession throughout the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of Fire II[]

The rangers are a guild who dispatches its agents to solve a wide variety of problems for their clients. They seem to enjoy a widespread reputation, as Mina travels all the way from Wyndia to seek their help. Rangers take on just about any kind of job, be it investigation of mysterious circumstance, monster extermination, cleaning out houses, or even finding missing persons or pets. Rangers receive a commission upon the completion of the task. The Rangers' headquarters are located in HomeTown, but a Ranger may be sent on assignment anywhere in the world. The guild is headed by Elder Allen, whose tasks include making arrangements with clients and assigning and dispatching Rangers on jobs. He is assisted by the Guild's receptionist, Silvia. After escaping from Barubary, Ryu and Bow eventually settle in HomeTown and by their mid-teens have become employees of the guild.

Notable Members[]

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

Unlike in Breath of Fire II, the rangers in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter are government-sanctioned under the Regents and Elyon. They are employed on mostly tactical missions, involving keeping order and peace. These missions usually involve transporting important items for BioCorp, or the destruction of rogue Genics in LowSector. Many people of various D-Ratios work for the organization as it serves as a place to show off one's ability and earn the right to be promoted and live in the higher sectors of Shelter.

Their emblem is a white four pointed star and their motto is written in Russian and translates to: Observance of Order, Order by Oppression.[1]

There is also an Black OPS unit known as the Dark Rangers (Negative in Japanese) who are sent out on orders passed by the Regents themselves. Not much is known about this secret group except their fearsome reputation of getting the most dangerous assignments done.

Notable Members[]