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Ryu and a Rakda like camel in a Desert of Death

Rakdass (砂ブタ, Sunabuta?, lit. "Sand Pig") are a species of animal that appears in Breath of Fire III. They are native to the Lost Shore region and have been domesticated by the inhabitants of Dragnier, where they fill the role of both livestock and pack animals. Horis gives one to the party in order to assist them in their journey across the Desert of Death.


Rakdas are unguate mammals and seem to fill a similar niche to camels. Like camels, they are capable of enduring prolonged exposure to intense heat and can survive extened periods without water. This is presumably faciliated, at least in part, by their camel-like hump. However, aside from their humps and sandy coloration, their physiology is otherwise noticeably different from camels. They possess tufts of green fur along their hump and lower legs, as well as long pendant ears and a pronounced snout. The latter, combined with their Japanese name "Sunabuta" (literally, "Sandpig") would seem to indicate that they are more actually closely related to swine than camels. Rakdas appear to store water in their muscle tissue as a means of surviving their harsh surroundings. They also possess a natural homing sense which allows them to swiftly and easily find their way home no matter how far they travel from it.


Rakdas appear to be native exclusively to the northern continent containing the Lost Shore and Desert of Death. Domesticated rakdas are kept as livestock by the surviving Dragon Clan members in Dragnier.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

When Ryu and the party speak with the Dragon Clan elder, they learn that, in order to reach the goddess Myria, they will have to traverse the Desert of Death, a vast inhospitable expanse "where nothing lives and from which none return." One member of the clan, Horis, agrees to accompany the party to the edge of the desert and provides them with a rakda, so that they can find their way back to his camp if necessary. Several days into their journey, the party is attacked by Manmo. This, combined with the stress her body has already endured in the desert, causes Nina to suffer from heat exhaustion. The party members fear that they are at an impasse, as transporting Nina back to Horis' base camp would be just as dangerous to hear as trying to progress toward their goal. Ryu resolves the situation by killing the rakda and feeding its water-saturated and nutrient dense meat to Nina. This expidites her recovery, and the party safely makes it across the desert.


The creature's English name may be derived from the Japanese word for camel, Rakuda (駱駝)