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ヒーナ Hiina (Queen Hiena)
Non-Playable Character
Wing Clan

Queen Hina is a character in Breath of Fire II. She is Queen of Wyndia, the mother of Nina and Mina, and the wife of King Kenny.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

The party first encounters Queen Hina when they return Mina to Wyndia Castle after rescuing her from the The Joker Gang. Mina is eager to talk to her mother about her big sister Nina. However, she is confused by the coldness that the demonstrate toward each other. This is compounded when her mother insists that she does not have a sister.

Later in the game, Nina returns to Wyndia seeking the mark of the Great Bird, and passes on a message to the guards, asking them to tell the Queen that she has returned. Hina, spurred by the fact that King Kenny is seriously ill and wishes to make amends with Nina, allows the party into the castle. Hina then explains the truth about why Nina was sent away: an ancient prophesy foretold that a child with black wings would be born into the royal family and cause the destruction of Wyndia. The fear of this prophesy became so great among Wyndians that legislative action was taken and a law was passed requiring the death of any child with black wings. When Nina's own wings developed, to her parents' horror, they were black. Although Hina claims that she did not believe in the prophecy herself, much of Wyndia's populace did and she knew that her daughter would not be safe if knowledge of her appearance spread. Soon after this development, a Wisewoman warned the King that he must kill her or risk the the destruction which the prophecy foretells. Torn between the love for his daughter and his responsibility to his people, the King is paralyzed by indecision. However, we is ultimately persuaded by Hina's pleading, and the two of them devise a plan to stage Nina's death and send her to live in hiding in HomeTown, where she trains at the Magic School.


Hina possesses the slender white wings common among the Wing Clan during the time of Breath of Fire II. However, uniquely, her wings are fringed with pink, matching her pink hair.


Hina is extremely protective and devoted to her children and, when Nina's newly developed wings are revealed to be black, she becomes the sole voice of mercy calling for her husband to spare their daughter's life. Like her husband, Hina demonstrates tremendous guilt for having exiled Nina. She also reveals a disdain for the destructive superstitious beliefs that the members of the Wing Clan cling to.

Etymology Edit

With the appearance of Hina and Mina, Capcom established a recurring motif of the names of female members of the Wyndian royal family ending in "-ina." This trend would continue in Breath of Fire IV with Elina.

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