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風の塔 Kaze No Tou (Wind Tower)
Pung'Tap Tower gondola launch
Wyndia Region; Eastern Continent

Pung'tap is a tower located in the Wyndia Region of the Eastern Continent in Breath of Fire IV. It has a small gondola on top that allows people to summon and converse with P'ung Ryong. The Wind Flute is required in order to access the tower.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Showdown in lofty heights

Scias returning money, joins the fray.

Pung’tap can only be accessed by using the Wind Flute to lower a lift, and is where Ryu and his party go in order to meet the Wind Dragon. A high tower in its own right, the main feature is the gondola at the top which launches the party to even greater heights, allowing them to gain access to the high altitudes where the Wind Dragon dwells. First things first, they need to make their way up to the tower.

Pung'Tap Tower gondola sky PungRyong close3

Party meeting P'ung Ryong.

Finally, after a steep climb, the party arrives at the top of the tower. A confrontation takes place between the party and Ilgor, who seeks to use Ryu as a weapon against the Empire. Wyndia Palace can be spotted in the background. He summons several of his minions, which the party easily disposes of. He then immediately summons another wave of minions. The party readies for battle just as Scias arrives on the scene. He throws his payment from Ilgor in front of the confused villain and rejoins his former party members in battle. Both the party and Scias dispose of the grunts after which Ilgor flees the scene. Eventually, they proceed to the gondola.


Item Location
Homing Bomb follow linear path until room with several doors is reached, leave to south and follow path
600 zenny room where party has to use strong air current to be lifted upwards. Wind must be calm, jump across platform and then ride air current to the next floor, inside a chest
Fighting Robe ride air current to next level, chest is on a ledge
Power Food (x2) travel to top of tower, jump back into hatch to fall down and find this chest



Giant Roach
Grunt A
Grunt B
Grunt C

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