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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Enemy
Pandora Box
Level HP AP
7 100 40
Attack Defense Magic Speed
100 100 500 1000
Move AB Defense XP
100 _ 100
Fire Ice Lightning
100% 100% 100%
Dark Death Holy
Immune Immune Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Poison Confusion Sleep
Immune Immune Immune
Bind Stun Frozen
Immune Immune Immune
Location Centre
Drop 7th Sense (if killed on first turn)

Gold XP (if killed on second turn)
Save Token (if killed on third turn)
Mirage Blast (if allowed to self-destruct)

Abilities Flare


Pandora Box is an enemy that appears in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. It can be encountered in Centre.


The Pandora Box's attacks become stronger after every round, and it will self-destruct on the fourth round. The number of rounds the party is able to survive will determine what item it will drop. It low HP, but otherwise has high stats all around and is immune to every status effect and stat reduction in the game.


This Genic is named after the Pandora's Box, an artifact in Greek mythology. It was not actually a box, but a large jar, known as a "pithos". Pandora, the first woman ever created on Earth, was given the pithos but instructed to never open it. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Pandora opened it to take a peek at the contents, and unwitthingly unleashed all the evils of the world. Realizing her error, Pandora tried to shut the container, but everything already escaped except for Elpis, the spirit of Hope. This is alluded to with the message that appears before the enemy self-destructs - "And all that remained was Hope."

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