Breath of Fire II Boss
パーロ Paaro (Parlo)
01 - Puti
90 100
Atk Def Ms
28 20 -1
Agi Luck Immunity
511 5 -
50 9
Location Mt. Fubi
Drop Herb
Drop rate 0
Abilities -
Element -
Info -
""I'll take the best one!"
— Palo during the fight

Palo is a boss found in Breath of Fire II.


Palo is one of the three harpy sisters encountered on Mt. Fubi, Ryu and Bow must go through Mt. Fubi to continue on their search for Suzy. As the two make their way in the mountain they keep hearing unknown voices around them that they become weary of until they are attacked by the sisters.

They announce that they're sick of eating cats and dogs for the usual dinner and they would make a nice change, each of the harpy sisters fight amongst each other to have Ryu for their own as the team defend themselves in battle.


It is recommended that the player is at least level 5 for this fight, use Bow as a healer and buff up each member with Def-Up. This fight is odd as each sister at the beginning will start out with weak attacks and will only go for Ryu. After that they will attack each other as they bicker who will get Ryu, when this is done they will be attacking at full force and attack both Ryu and Bow.

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