パブパブ Pabupabu
Pabpab1Face Sprite
First appearance: Breath of Fire IV
Home: Pabpab
Leader(s): Beyd
"Besides, the Pabpab say 'pukapuka'... 'What will be, will be'... It's their way of life... Dying doesn't seem to bother them much."
Beyd to party, regarding sick Pabpab

The Pabpab are a race in Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IV: Characteristics, Way of Life and CultureEdit

They live exclusively in the village of the same name, with their leader, the human Beyd. Poko is Beyd's wife.The tribe has its own tongue, the Pabpab Language. Living in the secluded forest, it appears that the members are hostile towards intruders, as they attacked Ryu and the party when they first entered.
Beyd, Poko

After arrows were fired.

Pertaining to their lifestyle, they seem to lead simple lives. The creatures do not seem to be afraid of death, according to Beyd. They simply live into the day, following the term pukapuka in their language, which means "What will be, will be". One of their kin is sick during the story and the tribe members seem a bit indifferent about it.Beyd points this out as well (see quote above).

Pabpab cured, dance

Pabpab dancing.

They seem to be able to use weapons such as bows since they fired the volley of arrows as Ryu approached. They also seem at least musical as they dance and jump around on the various drums inside the treehouse. One can see a variety of cultural artifacts around the treehouse. If those artifacts are of Pabpab origin or whether Beyd crafted these and instructed the tribe is not specified and therefore, mostly implicit speculation. Seeing how he lived for a long period of time with them, it is likely that he taught them human knowledge.

Regarding cultural artifacts, can be assumed that they are at least musical and artisanal. Various masks can be found inside the treehouse, probably carved from wood from the Jungle. Moreover, instruments such as drums and lutes are found as well. A variety of clay vases and a simple carpet can be found as well. A boat is docked outside. They also seem to have basic skills in carpentry, as the tree house has hanging bridges and windows that can be closed. They do not seem to have medical knowledge, however, as Beyd is helping them out. Also, an NPC in Lyp mentions that they do not know much in the way of medicine as she points the party to the Nameless Island to procure the restorative herb Mozweed.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Poko
  • Sen
  • Shami
  • Rinpo
  • Poske
  • Peso


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