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Offensive Items are item that are only usable during battle through the Use command. These often invoke a status condition or deal elemental damage to one or more targets by means of casting a spell or other ability. Such items can therefore allow the party a means by which to use an ability that they otherwise wouldn't have access to.


Breath of Fire[]

Item Effect
B.Stn Casts Fry
F.Stn Casts Flame
C.Stn Casts Frost
DkKiss Casts Rub
E.Key Casts 3.5

Breath of Fire II[]

Item Effect
F.Spice Casts Flame
ShaveIce Casts Freeze
Frizbee Casts S.Boom
DeadSoup Casts Death
P.Pourri Casts a random spell
FireRock Casts Fireball
KamikazeBL Casts Typhoon
Shaker Casts 8.0
IceChunk Casts Hail
DeadSoup Casts Death
Medicate Casts Attack Up
Octopus Casts Attack Up on the entire party
PanPizza Casts Pwr Down

Breath of Fire III[]

Item Effect
Molotov Casts Flare
Firecracker Casts Inferno
Napalm Casts Sirocco
Icicle Casts Blizzard
Taser Casts Lightning
Dynamite Casts Quake
Belladonna Casts Death
Weather Vane Casts Typhoon
Ginseng Casts Might
Puffer Casts Flare
Angler Casts Quake
Red Catfish Casts Quake
Devilfish Casts Myollnir
Martian Squid Inflicts Blind
Octopus Inflicts Blind on all enemies

Breath of Fire IV[]

Item Effect
Molotov Casts Flare
Firecracker Casts Inferno
Napalm Casts Simoon
Water Bomb Casts Frost
Icicle Casts Blizzard
Electrode Casts Stone Pillar
Dynamite Casts Quake
Taser Casts Disaster
Weather Vane Casts Sever
Void Sphere Casts Typhoon
Straw Casts Drain
Belladonna Casts Death
FlashGrenade Inflicts Blind
PoisonPowder Inflicts Poison
Mouth Gag Inflicts Silence
Knockout Gas Inflicts Sleep