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Odjn is a character within Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Role in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

Odjn is a dragon who is also known as "The Destroyer of Worlds". Odjn saved Ryu from certain death and granted him his powers. Odjn was created as a tool for the underground society, based on the original dragons whose powers laid waste to the surface, Odjn is a Dragon Halves (D-Ratio 1/2).

Years before the story begins, he was originally linked to Elyon and helped him fight his way past the Regents and reach the door to the surface. Elyon questioned whether his actions were really his or Odjn's, and decided to not open the door to the surface and instead broke his link with Odjn and became the new head of the Regents.

During the story, Elyon has Odjn link with Ryu, who later fully awakening to his new power after his former partner Bosch murders him. The two travel together with Odjn questioning Ryu's resolve and explaining the happy consequence of their relationship. In the end, Ryu chooses to sacrifice himself for the sake of his comrades and dies. Odjn, impressed by Ryu's character, chooses to give him back his life as a reward.

Odjn is an old and powerful being who guides Ryu throughout the story. Though they parted ways, Odjn and Elyon still speak to each other on friendly terms as old friends. Odjn seems to mistrust the other dragons like Chetyre.


  • Odjn's name is the Russian word for the number 1.
  • It is never stated in the story what Odjn was created for. One theory is that since he's connected to trying to get to the surface, he may have been created as a biological time lock who stirs when his creators felt it would be safe to return to the surface, similar to the type of time locks on fallout shelters.
  • Odjn's relationship with Chetyre is never elaborated upon in the script, though dialogue shows they know each other and suggests they may be either rivals or sworn enemies.
  • It is interesting to note that in Breath of Fire II, a member of the dragon clan is needed as a sacrifice to open the door to Dologony.  Much like that requirement, in Dragon Quarter, a dragon is needed to unseal the main gate to the sky.


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