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ニーナ Niina (Nina)
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Playable Character
158 cm (5'2")
45 kg (99.2 lbs)

Nina is a playable character in the original Breath of Fire game. She is a member of the Wing Clan, and the princess and heir apparent of Wyndia. Near the end of the game, Nina acquires her Clan's innate ability to become the Great Bird, allowing her to transport the party to any place with a suitable landing spot.


Breath of Fire[]

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Nina is first seen when Ryu visits Wyndia, concerned for her father, who refused to ally with the Dark Dragons' leader Zog and the Wizard of Karma and was poisoned by one of them as a result.

While Ryu sleeps the night, the player shifts control to Nina, who sets off to face the wizard of Karma in the hopes of retrieving the Remedy and saving her father's life. She is joined by two Wyndian soldiers (named Sr-1 and Sr-2), who reach the Wizard's experiment chamber but are weakened by his Xeon Gas, a special toxin engineered specifically to affect the Wing Clan.

One of the soldiers escapes and lives just long enough to deliver a message to Wyndia that the Princess has been captured by the Wizard of Karma. Ryu is quickly recruited to save her - not being of the Wing Clan, he is relatively unaffected by Xeon Gas - and is escorted to the tower by an older, veteran Wing Clan soldier, who waits on the roof as the escape route; he cannot proceed into the gas-filled experiment chamber and would be useless if he tried.

Defeating the Wizard, Ryu and the veteran soldier return to Wyndia with Nina and the Remedy, being granted an aerial salute by other Wing Clan soldiers. Healing the king, Ryu is permitted to use the tunnel under the castle to exit Wyndia to its east, with Nina insisting on accompanying him on his journey to stop Zog.

Much later in the game, when Nina attempts to insert the Time Key into a machine in Tock to save the people of Carmen, she is drawn into a time portal created by the key and sent an unknown number of years into the past in the musical kingdom of Tunlan. Suffering from amnesia, she is cared for by a couple until the party find her in a highly repressed state in the present. With the help of a mysterious cloaked man (in actuality Jade, Zog's treacherous and manipulative lieutenant), they restore her mental health and recruit her back into the party.

Now an adult, Nina changes from a red leotard to blue, and gains the ability to become the Great Bird, inherent to all adult members of the Wing Clan.

Nina seems to bicker a bit with Deis (Bleu in original translation), which may be due to their similar roles as 'pretty girl' spellcasters. Deis at this time was still shaking off a long hibernation and prone to casting half-remembered spells with disastrous consequences, and may have been feeling jealous.

At the end of the game, Nina is the last member of the party to leave Ryu, waving him goodbye as he leaves the castle.

Breath of Fire II[]

Guardian (Nina I)

Nina I as the guardian of the SkyCave.

See also: Guardian (Boss)

As with every game in the series, Breath of Fire II features another Nina (hereafter referred to Nina II for the sake of clarification), generally similar in appearance to the original (Nina I) in that she is a blonde, female Wyndian.

Nina II attempts a ritual to obtain the power of the Great Bird that will allow her to fly at the cost of her human form. Venturing in the dungeon she finds the power's Guardian, who is none other than Nina I, who reveals that she is the great, great, great, great grandmother of Nina II. Since six generations separate the two heroes, it suggests that roughly 120-180 years have passed between the two games. Nina I also describes how she fell in love with a man from another tribe (strongly hinted to be Ryu (Breath of Fire)). This caused the Wyndian bloodline to become diluted, thus depriving its people of their natural ability to transform into great birds. Nina I then dons an elaborate suit of pink armor and battles her as the final stage of Nina II's trial. When wearing her armor, Nina I's wings become much larger and nearly black, much like Nina II's.

Nina I congratulates Nina II's success on her trial and bestows upon her the MarkWing, with which she can perform the ritual to become a Great Bird. Nina I disappears but asks Nina II if she forgives her for falling in love with a person outside of their tribe. If Nina II replies negatively, Nina I will apologize while indicating that she doesn't regret her decision. If Nina does forgive her, Nina I departs grateful.


Wielding a rapier and wearing light armor, Nina's best stats are AP, Intelligence, and Agility, but she suffers from a very weak melee attack that quickly becomes near-useless, in addition to a fairy lousy defense.

Her EXP thresholds for leveling up are strange, as she only requires 260,000 EXP in total to reach level 46, but the total required EXP is drastically higher for level 47 than 46, requiring her to obtain a total of 773,000 EXP, and then she suddenly levels up at a similar rate to other characters for the remaining levels.

Her sole strength is in her magic, which is orientated almost entirely towards healing and stat buffing, and later including holy attacks. If Nina performs any of her spells, she will always move first in combat (except for Bo if he also casts Cura), making her a vital mainstay in any party configuration.

When she doesn't need to use a spell, Nina tends to do more damage utilizing an attack item such as the E.Key or using a weapon as an item, neither of which is consumed on use. Other characters could do this too, but the same item can only be used once per turn, and every other character has a better normal attack than Nina.

The best armor Nina can wear usually has additional effects to make up for her low defense, such as damage reflection or HP regeneration while walking. She is one of only two female characters (the other being Deis), and thus female-only equipment is often resigned for her.


Level Name Flavor text Effect AP Cost
Default Cura Recover! Restores 50 HP to one target 3
Default Fort Petrify! (Battle only)
Raises Defense for rest of battle
Default Heal Be Well! Removes all negative status conditions 5
6 LK-UP Cheer Up! (Battle only)
Raises Luck for rest of battle
7 ATK-UP Power Up! (Battle only)
Raises Attack for rest of battle
9 Cura2 Recover! Restores 100 HP to one target 6
11 Hold Paralyze! (Battle only)
Attempts to paralyze all enemies
12 AG-UP Agile Up! (Battle only)
Raises Agility for rest of battle
13 Warp - (Overworld only)
Teleport to any previously visited town that has a Dragon Shrine
14 Zom1 Be Gone! (Battle only)
120 damage to undead monsters
15 Cura3 Recover! Restores 250 HP to one target 15
17 Renew Revive! Revive one dead ally with 1 HP 10
19 Idle Slow Down (Battle only)
Attempts to slow one enemy
21 Shield Deflect! (Battle only)
Reduces spell damage to target for rest of battle
23 Cura4 Recover! Restores all HP for one target 20
24 Zom2 Be Gone! (Battle only)
180 damage to undead
26 FortX Petrify! (Battle only)
Raises entire party's Defense for rest of battle
28 Hush ? Stops magic attacks 8
30 Dispel ? Void Enemies Magic 14
34 RenewX Revive! Revive a dead ally with full HP 30
37 CuraX Recover! Restore 250 HP to entire party 20
41 Wall ? (Battle only)
The next enemy spell cast on target is reflected
46 ZomX Be Gone! (Battle only)
Damages all undead


Weapons Attack Weight Value Notes Locations
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteShortRP
5 1 400 Starting equipment for Nina
Shop in Romero
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteBronzRP
7 2 800 Shops in Winlan, Romero, Tantar
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteRapier
10 4 1500 Shop in Auria (1650)
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteLightRP
10 2 80 Flea market before getting the Sphere
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteIronRP
14 5 2000 Elemental: Holy Shop in Nanai before getting E.Key (1800)
Rapier Breath of Fire spritePoisonRP
20 5 3000 Shops in Prima (3300), Tunlan (2700, 3300)
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteFlameRP
28 5 5000 Casts Fire Breath of Fire spriteF.Ball when used
Elemental: Fire
Treasure chest in Winlan castle locked room
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteWingRP
34 2 7000 Shop in Gust
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteThundrRP
46 6 9000 Casts Lightning Breath of Fire spriteFry when used
Elemental: Lightning
Flea market before getting the Sphere
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteEvilRP
55 7 20000 Shops in Prima, Tunlan (18000)
Flea market after getting the Sphere but before using the Tonic
Rapier Breath of Fire spriteLoyalRP
64 6 25000 Restores 3 AP when attacking Shop in Carmen
Rapier Breath of Fire spritePowerRP
82 0 30000 Casts Up Breath of Fire spriteAg-Up when used Flea market after using the Tonic
Shields Defense Weight Value Notes Locations
Shield Breath of Fire spriteSuedeSH
2 1 150 Shop in Nanai before getting E.Key (135)
Treasure chest in Winlan castle
Starting equipment for Sr-1, Sr-2, Sr-3, Ox, Bleu
Shield Breath of Fire spriteBandage
5 1 500 Treasure chest in Ramui Woods
Shield Breath of Fire spriteGauntlet
8 1 800 Treasure chest in Camlon Castle
Shop in Tunlan (880)
Shield Breath of Fire spriteWrist
10 2 700 Treasure chest in Lament Woods
Shield Breath of Fire spriteBracelet
12 3 1200 Treasure chest in Agua
Shield Breath of Fire spriteSkySH
15 1 300 Treasure chest in Lake Shrine
Shield Breath of Fire spriteIcySH
30 5 4000 Reduces ice damage taken by 25% Shop in Prima (5200)
Shield Breath of Fire spriteGuardSH
32 10 10000 Treasure chest in Tock
Shield Breath of Fire spriteProSH
32 5 5000 Treasure chests in Wisdon (×2)
Shield Breath of Fire spriteLightSH
36 10 4000 Reduces fire damage taken by 25% Shop in Prima (4400)
Treasure chest in Dreamland
Shield Breath of Fire spriteMaskSH
65 8 20000 Reflects some magic damage Flea market after using the Tonic
Armor Defense Weight Value Notes Locations
Cloth Breath of Fire spriteCloth
1 1 10 Shops in Drogen, Nanai before getting E.Key (9)
Dress Breath of Fire spriteDress
8 25 1000 Starting equipment for Nina
Shop in Tunlan (900)
Cloth Breath of Fire spriteSuedeGN
10 6 500 Shop in Winlan
Starting equipment for Sr-1, Sr-2, Sr-3, Karn
Treasure chest in Aura Cave
Cloth Breath of Fire spritePrisonCL
10 2 10 Fate +20 Prison cell in Auria
Dress Breath of Fire spriteSilkGN
15 4 2800 Shops in Drogen, Nanai before getting E.Key (2520), Romero
Dress Breath of Fire spriteGown
18 1 2000 Shops in Romero, Tunlan (1800)
Starting equipment for Bleu
Dress Breath of Fire spriteWoolRB
25 2 5000 Shops in Bleak, Prima
Dress Breath of Fire spriteSuedeRB
35 2 6000 Shop in Prima (6600)
Armor Breath of Fire spriteQuartzAR
50 9 10000 Reduces lightning damage taken by 25% Shop in Spring
Dress Breath of Fire spriteMystRB
60 8 6000 Shop in Tunlan (5400)
Dress Breath of Fire spriteLightCL
68 1 30000 Shop in Carmen
Armor Breath of Fire spriteAngleAR
76 3 30000 Reflects some magic damage Flea market before using the Tonic
Dress Breath of Fire spritePowerAR
82 10 28000 Reflects some magic damage Treasure chest in Pagoda
Armor Breath of Fire spriteEarthRB
88 8 1000 Restores HP when struck by magic Breakable slab west of Gust
Dress Breath of Fire spriteEvilRB
90 1 9990 Reflects some magic damage Flea market after using the Tonic
Armor Breath of Fire spriteAgileAR
92 0 10000 Treasure chest in Pagoda
Dress Breath of Fire spriteClearCL
100 0 10000 Treasure chest in Bleak behind a heavy box
Helmets Defense Weight Value Notes Locations
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteTideHT
0 0 1111 Protects from instant death attacks Drawers in Prima inn
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteG.Tiara
2 5 20000 Treasure chests in Auria, Tock
Flea market after getting the Sphere
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteStrawHT
2 1 200 Starting equipment for Ryu
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteBandana
5 1 400 Shops in Tantar, Prima
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteNiceHT
6 3 600 Treasure chest in Ease Cave
Starting equipment for Karn
Shop in Prima
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteSuedeHT
6 3 200 Treasure chest in Winlan castle
Starting equipment for Sr-1, Sr-2, Sr-3, Bo
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteHairBand
8 2 1000 Treasure chest in Agua
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteTiara
10 2 1500 Shop in Auria (1650)
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteTurban
11 1 2000 Treasure chests in Winlan castle locked room, Dark Tower
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteGoldHT
14 6 20000 Shop in Prima (26000)
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteHeadGear
14 5 2800 Treasure chests in Krypt, Dreamland
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteChainHT
16 8 2500 Shop in Prima (2750)
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteSkullHT
25 10 Doubles damage taken Treasure chests in Krypt (×2)
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteEchoHT
28 3 2000 Reflects some magic damage Treasure chest in Hidden Fort
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteDomino
42 7 30000 Treasure chest in Pagoda
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteAgileHT
42 1 5500 Flea market after getting the Sphere but before using the Tonic
Treasure chest in Tock
Digging patch southeast of Scande
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteCursedHT
62 20 100 Treasure chest in Dreamland tower
Helmet Breath of Fire spriteLoveHT
64 10 100 Digging patch southeast of Scande


  • Nina's hobby is eating things.
  • After the time warp, Nina's sprites and party portrait change to show her new blue costume and headband, and her attack changes from a "teleport" downward stab to Nina enchanting her weapon and slashing with it.


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