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ナマンダ寺院 Namanda Jiin (Namanda Temple)

Namanda is a location within Breath of Fire II. It is a place of worship for the followers of the agricultural god, Namanda, which includes both human worshippers and the entirety of the Shell Clan.


Namanda is a place of worship and meditation west of FarmTown. Believers often go here to make an offering to their god, Namanda, and pray for a good harvest. Unlike the elaborate churches of the Church of St. Eva, or the ornate shrines of the Dragon God, the temple of Namanda is a simple cave with few decorations. It is overseen by a group of monks whose regimen includes intense physical trials such as meditating on beds of nails or open flames, submerging themselves in water, and burying their bodies up to the neck in raw earth. The temple is also home to a variety of monsters, which the monks appreciate as another facet of their training.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

The party is required to travel to the temple in order to pray on behalf of Daisy Marks. During their time at the temple, she is abducted by agents of the St. Eva Church. The party has the option of donating to the church. If they donate a total of 2,000 Zenny or more before Daisy's scene in Evrai, then they will have the ability to encounter Solo, the Earth Shaman after Daisy's scene in Evrai. If the party does not donate during this time frame, then it's possible for Solo to be permanently missed.

Bell-ringing Minigame[]

After one of the Temple's monks disappears, they player has the opportunity to assist his partner in ringing the temple's convocation bells via a rhythm-based minigame. This involves carefully inputting the A and B buttons in the correct sequence. Upon its successful completion, the grateful monk bestows the Boombada spell upon a single party member of the player's choice.



  • Tolen in the shelves inside the house.