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Myria, also known as Tyr or Maria in some English translations, alternatively referred to as the Goddess of Desire and the Goddess of Destruction, or God is one of the Endless, an extra-dimensional entity with profound magical abilities. Myria uses her powers to convince many of the inhabitants of the world that she is a goddess, subsequently manipulating world events through exploiting the faith of her believers.

For hundreds of years she has reincarnated into the world in different guises with varying degrees of benevolence or malice. However, her actions would ultimately, whether directly or indirectly, influence the world negatively.

Myria is the overarching main antagonist of the first three games in the Breath of Fire series, all part of a trilogy in the same continuity, and can be considered the quintessetial antagonist of the entire series, featuring prominently in crossover media.


Myria has appeared in different forms, yet with some consistent traits. She typically shows an outward human female figure with long blond hair. In the first game she is shown as a young girl in a blue dress with her face covered, yet showing a malicious glare once exposed. In the third game she shows a more mature appearance in a long pinkish dress, much longer, flowing golden hair and two sets of greenish limbless floating wings on her back with her eyes always closed.

This is merely a facade for her true form is far more monstrous. In the first game her true form is that of a large alien orange monstrosity with several long mouthed tentacles instead of legs. She has bluish orbs and green horns all across her body and has two mouths and long arms. She can use an extendable tongue-like appendage with which to attack her foes. In the third game she is a massive serpentine entity with sections colored green and some a greyish yellow, with red ring patterns across her body and yellow runes inscribed across all of it. At the top she is a naked female with large wings replacing most of her arms, her hair has grown and spreads across the entirety of her back with some strands leaking onto her serpentine body and has oversized red horns on her sides. Her eyes typically remain closed but open when using her spells revealing glowing golden eyes and a sinister expression in general. While this form masks some of her more hideous aspects from the first game, these are still revealed whenever she casts Sanctuary or uses Holocaust.

Her body while largely organic is still unusual, for one when attacking foes her abdomen can swell up before revealing a set of cords with which to lash at her enemies. She can also expose a pair of large blue eyes hidden inside her hair when using Sanctuary, and when using her strongest attack, her eyes cry blood before her face melts revealing a cavity from which she can release her power.


Myria is a poly faceted individual, with differing aspects of her shown in the series. In the first game she's manipulative, childish and destructive. While promising to grant wishes and happiness, this is purely a ruse, as she actively encourages parties to fight over her power while watching with sadistic delight. She uses her guise of a defenseless, crying girl to make others lower their guard, however, this too is a facade. When provoked, she will reveal her malignant, arrogant and self-centered nature who craves destruction.

In the third game, Myria is much different, and while not as overtly evil as her previous appearance, she is still not benign. Governed by an extreme mother complex, she believes the world's mortals to be naturally driven to self-destruction and thus takes it upon herself to protect them from themselves. For this purpose she has deliberately not only masterminded events from behind, she has also rewritten history that is not favorable to her cause, and has subtlety controlled the world not only by splitting it, but also by secretly manipulating the knowledge the world is allowed to have while providing them the sufficient means of self-sufficiency, therefore ensuring the survival of the world, but at the cost of effectively caging them and depriving them of the means to develop by themselves.

Firmly believing she is in the right to protect them, she has engaged in desperate measures and justifies her actions even if they involve genociding the Brood race to save the rest. Although normally displaying a maternal, caring and benevolent disposition, in truth she's tyrannical and doesn't take opposition kindly and takes one-sided decisions and is more than willing to punish and even kill those who disagree with her.

It is revealed by Jono that while Myria is the same individual in both games, she manifests herself differently across the ages, sometimes in human form, while other times as a devil. This could explain her drastically different physical appearances and personalities between the games. Throughout her appearances, she is consistently at odds with the Dragon Clan, whom she greatly fears for their power and seeks to have destroyed at all costs.



Myria is a centuries old being, appearing differently each time in the world. For long she has viewed the Dragon Clan as a threat to her power and secretly fears them, with the two parties historically at odds.

Breath of Fire[]

Myria simply known as the Goddess is known as a wish-granting entity. Because of this ability the Dark Dragon Clan ultimately split out of the Dragon Clan as they feuded over her power, with the ensuing battle posing a threat to the world, although she encouraged the fighting which she watched with sadistic delight. A legendary hero from the Dragon Clan joined with his comrades, managed to imprison Myria within a tower and seal her away with six keys, thus ending the war over her power, yet the world war still scarred the Dragon Clan. Because of the destruction caused, the Dragon Clan decided to seclude themselves and renounce their powers to live in peace. Eventually the Dark Dragon Clan led by Zog resurged and conspired to reassemble the keys and release her to take over the world with her power. Although Zog was defeated, his general Jade successfully released her.

Myria stationed herself on the flying fortress Obelisk, flying high above what used to be Scande, the capital of the Dark Dragon Empire. Ryu and his companions storm the fortress, defeat Jade, and encounter Myria. Before the party fights her, she asks if they have a wish, the answer is yes Myria will restore the party to full HP/AP. The game slightly alternates into two endings afterwards:

If Ryu managed to learn all of his Dragon spells (including Agni), Sara will communicate with him telepathically and insist on using the said power. Agni's attack reveals Myria's true form, and the party defeats her once and for all. With her defeat, the world begins to rebuild.

If Ryu didn't obtain the Agni spell, then the party fights Myria in her human form. They defeat her, however, as soon as they leave, Myria appears to still be alive...

Breath of Fire II[]

Although Myria doesn't appear in person, she is mentioned in game as in the indirect cause of the game's events. It is revealed that after her defeat, a "scar" of her was left behind, said scar being Deathevan, her spawn and a being of pure evil who grew stronger from the collective malice of the world's mortals. Deathevan in turn would influence the world through his proxies all in order to grow stronger to destroy the world, although he too was defeated.

Breath of Fire III[]

Myria is revealed to have survived her previous encounter and acts as an overzealous mother of all the world's creatures. Seeing how the living beings can be driven to self-destruction and uncontrollable progress as was the case with Caer Xhan and the subsequent desertification, she has taken it upon herself to "protect" the world from self-harm, taking drastic and almost tyrannical actions to do so, engaging in a manipulative agenda and secretly controlling the world from behind curtains.

To prevent the desertification from engulfing the world, she split the world in two parts, the Outer Region where the Desert of Death lies, deprived of life and the central world full of life and prosperity but separated by the Outer Sea, nearly preventing interaction between the two parts and protecting what little life remained.

This was not enough for her, for she feared a far bigger threat to her plans, namely the clan she had clashed with on for centuries, the Brood. Knowing of their dreaded powers and how their might could destroy the world for they were in her view too powerful to live with other races without harming them at some point, she engaged in a brutal crusade, the Brood War which is a mission to eradicate the Brood from the world. For this purpose she made herself the patron God of the Urkans and selected her champions the Guardians, humans blessed with her power and changed into more powerful forms. She convinced her followers that the Brood were evil and had to be destroyed, so the devout followers obeyed her orders without question. The Brood realizing what Myria's true goal and knowing that their power was indeed too dreadful, decided to let themselves be massacred by the Guardians rather than destroy them as they well could, although a part of them secretly escaped the carnage and secluded themselves in Dragnier where they isolated themselves and renounced their powers so that they could live in peace yet hidden from the mad Goddess' watchful eye, but nonetheless expectful that a member of their race would one day come to confront Myria.

The goddess also turned her wrath on anyone who refused to support her cause, including her elder sister Deis and Yggdrasil, the Trees of Wisdom. Myria had Deis imprisoned beneath Angel Tower and rewrote history to portray her as an evil witch who aided the wicked dragons. She also isolated the Yggdrasil trees into secluded groves throughout the world so that their collective wisdom would eventually disappear. Myria's revision of history and the faith of her followers was so complete that no one would question her actions for generations to come, although she secretly kept a low profile for the world at large was ignorant of her existence and she largely disappeared from the Urkan Region taking residence in her personal Station Myria atop the fallen Caer Xhan.

To further "protect" the people from self-harm she has allowed the consistent flow of older machinery across the center world through the Black Ship making it so the inhabitants can do little more than to observe and repair machinery but never get the drive to develop technology themselves, therefore preventing the populace from ever creating destructive weaponry. As an additional measure Myria is also responsible for the Chrysm ores, the fossilized remains of all living beings filled with magical energy through her blessings, giving the world the necessary means for self-sustenance and therefore completing her protection of the world inside a small cage she herself created with rather draconian fanaticism and leaving the world completely ignorant and coddled of her dominance.

At some point and for unknown reasons, she by Mikba's accord blessed him with her power, granting him Demon power. Mikba in turn would use his might to create and lead his own criminal syndicate with large influence in her "little world".

The gears of fate would soon begin to turn when Ryu a surviving member of the Brood in stasys would be awakened by mineworkers in the Dauna Mine. The Dragon Whelp rampaged in a confused state and torching alive his attackers, until he was distracted by the spirit of a Brood (possibly his mother) and knocked out unconscious. He would be captured and caged but would manage to escape where he would be found by Rei who would take him under his wing like he did with Teepo another young orphan and secretly another Brood survivor. Myria would soon become aware of Ryu's existence and watch him on his dreams.

Ryu's adventures with the other two would eventually put him into conflict with the Crime Organization, and his lieutenants Balio and Sunder who would retaliate against the trio and separate them with each one believing the other two to be lost or dead. During this time Teepo would learn of his Brood heritage as he transformed into a Dragon Whelp and soon ventured the world on his own. Through unknown means he would come into contact with Myria herself, who told him the story of his race and the reason for their demise, and successfully convinced Teepo to live with her in the Station far away from the world, which Teepo agreed to. It is hinted in game that Myria took advantage of Teepo's solitude to successfully manipulate him into seclusion, as he in truth wished to live with his two adopted brothers like a family.

Through his interactions with the Crime Organization, Ryu would too come to learn of his heritage with the aid of Wyndian princess Nina, the engineer Momo, the Guardian Garr and the mutant plant Peco who secretly served as a vessel for Yggdrasil who watched over Ryu. When Garr revealed Ryu's origins he would engage the young Brood in battle but would be defeated as Ryu morphed into Kaiser and left. The incident corroborated Garr's long-held beliefs that the Brood allowed themselves to be massacred and soon caused a break on his faith.

Several years later Garr found Ryu once more in Dauna Mines where he convinced him to travel to meet Myria as he sought the truth of the Brood War, to which Ryu accepted. Ryu would rejoin with his friends and Rei whom was believed dead and the group thus made it their goal to travel to meet Myria to learn the truth. Garr would visit Angel Tower and pray to God, but Deis communicated with Garr and told him that Myria had long abandoned the Urkan Region and to set her free so she can aid them. For this purpose the group ventured to the Cliff where the former Guardian, Gaist lived and who kept the seal on Deis in place. Ryu engaged Gaist and defeated him allowed Ryu's party to meet with Deis who granted them the Prana, an ability to guide them to Myria.

The party eventually made their next target to board the Black Ship, the only sufficiently powerful vessel that could travel through the Outer Sea. Reaching the Outer Shore and inspecting the region, the party would soon come to learn of the teleporting devices and Myria's connection with the ancient Techno Age technology, whom she secretly kept hidden. Through these devices the party was able to reach Dragnier and meet Jono the Elder of the remnants of the Brood who would tell the party of the longtime feud between the Brood and Myria depicted in a mural mirroring the events of the first game. Jono would battle Ryu while preventing the use of his Brood powers, yet prevailing in the trial with the aid of his friends. Jono would leave the essence of the Brood power behind, the Infinity for Ryu to use as he pleased yet trusting his choice.

Armed with the ultimate power of the Brood, the party would travel through the dreaded Desert of Death until reaching the Oasis from where they could reach Caer Xhan, the doomed civilization where they could travel to Myria's residence. While venturing in Station Myria, the party would meet with none other than Teepo who knew Ryu was alive and tried to convince him to live in seclusion like him, following years of indoctrination by Myria. Ryu ultimately refused and battle through Teepo's psychological attack and forced himself to battle Ryu and his friends but was ultimately felled. Teepo still agreed with Myria's perspective but ultimately regretted not being able to live with his family and soon perished.

The party traveled to the deepest parts of the station where holographic programs would explain to the party the scope of Myria's control over the world and her rationale, before meeting Myria herself in her chamber. Myria explained the motivations behind her actions, justifying her "protection" and insisting her children to let themselves be ruled by her guidance, while demanding that Ryu abandon his powers, reasoning that he is strong to live by himself but that his powers will ultimately endanger those who he loves. The party rejected her extreme disposition and Myria proceeded to teleport them back to where they originally came from with intent to manipulate their memories to forget about their quest one by one, but Peco using his powers as Yggdrasil restored them to life as he confronted Myria over her extreme overprotection, and revealing that the party in front on her, traveled through grueling conditions, overcoming her barriers and proving ultimately that the world was not satisfied with her control. Myria rejected this but relented in allowing Ryu to make a choice. If Ryu chooses to abandon his powers, he lives with Myria in the Station just like Teepo did, with the world unchanging and leading to a bad ending.

In the true ending, Ryu realizes he cannot live without his powers as he would not be himself anymore. Although challenging a God was foolish, he held his ground and decided to fight the Goddess. Infuriated, Myria decided to kill Ryu and his friends if they would not submit to her, as she transformed in a demonic serpentine form. The party fought a grueling battle but emerged victorious.

In her final moments, Myria was in despair and believed that the world would soon end without her guidance, pleading for any God to tell her where she went wrong and what she should have done. Deis then appeared before her and tells Myria that her biggest mistake was going too far against the Brood. Deis reassured her that mortals were better prepared to take care of themselves than she believed and that the entire world with all its life will survive one way or another. With this, both Myria and Deis vanished into the unknown, and leading to the permanent end of Myria's mad grip over the world for good.

Breath of Fire IV[]

While not being a part of Breath of Fire IVs plot, in the reference books Official Complete Worksand The Graphics of Breath of Fire IV, Myria is mentioned as the goddess who appears when the spells Raise Dead is used, and the goddess who appears when the spell Resurrect is used, appearing in child form for the former and adult form for the latter. This is perhaps intended to reflect the strength of the respective spells. While Breath of Fire IV's place in the series' timeline is officially ambiguous, many fans believe it to be a prequel to the other games and, if this is the case, this would mark Myria's first chronological appearance in the series.


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Myria is the final boss in both Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire III.


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