メイガス Meigasu (Magus)
Sprite Mygas Sprite
Cedar Woods
Journeyman Wizard, Master
Requirement Pay all your Zenny
HP 0 AP 1
Pwr 1 Def 1
Int 2 Agl 0
Skill Levels
Frost 1
Meditation 4
Magic Ball 6
Typhoon 8

Mygas is a character within Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Mygas is a journeyman wizard who is located at the edge of Cedar Woods in the Yraall Region. Mygas is a very good Master at the start of the game, where players must decide whether they want to improve Ryu's sword skills with Bunyan or his magic skills with Mygas.

As a MasterEdit

Mygas becomes available after you defeat the Nue (for the second time). He is located to the west of McNeil Village by the little Yggdrasil tree stump. In order to become his apprentice, you must agree to give him all your Zenny. You can give him 0 Zenny and he'll still teach you.

For a while, Mygas will be Ryu's way to improve is magical versatility, so if the player prefers to give Ryu more of a mage-like approach, Mygas should be selected instead of Bunyan.

Frost is a very good move to learn early on as some enemies encountered in Mt. Myrneg has a weakness to Frost. Typhoon is also a good move to learn early on to use on enemies with significant evasion, such as the Nut group and Bats.

Skills Learned:

Frost (1 Level)

Meditation (4 Levels)

Magic Ball (6 Levels) 

Typhoon (8 Levels)


  • Mygas' Japanese name "Magus" comes from the Latin word for magician.