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Mute, also known as Hush and Silence, is a recurring status effect that appears throughout the Breath of Fire series.


A target affected by mute is prevented from using spells or skills. The status effect is caused by the Hush spell in Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II, and by the SIlence skill in Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV. The game data of Breath of Fire also contains the spell, Silent which is identical to that game's version of mute, however, the spell is unused and never appears during gameplay.


Game Condition Name Effect Caused by Cured by
Breath of Fire Mute Prevents the victim from using magic Hush, Silent (dummied) Heal, RenewX, Life2, M.Drop, WtrJr
Breath of Fire II Hush All spells cast by the victim automatically fail Hush Has a chance of subsiding each turn based on the victim's wisdom.
Breath of Fire III Silence Prevents the victim from using magic Silence Cure, Remedy, Croc Tear, Moon Tears, Panacea, Vinegar
Breath of Fire IV Mute Can't use any skills that require AP to use. Special attacks and dragon transformations are exempt Silence Remedy, Croc Tear, Jabbergrass, Moon Tears, Panacea