Breath of Fire II Boss
ムンマー Munmaa (Munmar)
800 10
Atk Def Ms
105 50 -3
Agi Luck Immunity
73 31 -
1150 2000
Location W.Tunnel
Drop D.Earing
Drop rate 2
Abilities Horror
Element Spirit
Info -

Munmar is a boss from Breath of Fire II.


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The first thing you need to do is have Bow, Ryu, Katt, and Nina on your team. Make sure bow is at a low level or just has a weak weapon, on the first turn use ryu’s T.Dragon form and not the puppy this gets rid of (depending on level) around 500 hp. Use nina’s S.Boom on each one of her turns. Use Katt as the healer making sure you have helpBL and herbs (cakes are useless). Now whenever munmar uses nightmare use bows regular attack to wake them up because as said with a low enough level or bad equipment they’ll wake up to most likely one damage. One the first turn make sure bow either defends or you raise his defense with one of his magic attacks. And there is a second option where you make sure you have ap recovery items and use ryu’s dragon form over and over again for a 2 turn battle. So if you want a challenge follow number 1, or if you want to get it down quick follow number 2


ムンマー is also the Japanese name of Fantam from Breath of Fire IV.

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