Mt. Zublo
ズブロ火山 Zuburo Kazan (Zublo Vulcan)
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Rhapala Region

Mt. Zublo is a location within Breath of Fire III.


Mt. Zublo is a volcano that separates the Rhapala Region from the Urkan Region. Other than by boat, this is the only way to get to the Urkan Region. There are two paths one can take: the road weaving around the volcano, and straight through the volcano itself.

After Ryu and the party solve the problem at the Lighthouse, along with dealing with the Dolphin that was harassing the faeries, they find out that the boat has yet to return. So the Guildmaster, Sinkar, gives them permission to use the old route through Mt. Zublo. This is because the road around the volcano was damaged during an eruption, cutting it off with dangerous lava, so this was the only option left. Originally, before the road was built, sailors from the Porter's Guild would travel through the volcano to get back and forth with part shipments. Normally it's off-limits to everyone else, but the Guildmaster grants Ryu and co permission to use the hidden route.

As the party traverses the dangerous path that weaves through the volcano, they encounter Gisshan, Charyb & Scylla, who block them just shy of the exit, between two pools of lava. Gisshan babbles about avenging the dead that rest in Angel Tower before attacking the party. Once he and his "partners" are slain, the party can freely enter and exit the volcano at will.

During the Adolescent Chapters, Ryu and co are in need of a boat once again to get to the Urkan Region. However, like last time, the boat is not available, but the road has since been cleared, allowing the party to bypass the volcano without needing to use the inner road again. Mt. Zublo must always be visited whenever the party needs to travel by foot to go back and forth between Rhapala and Urkan.

After Ryu kills Gaist and frees Deis, they are instructed to meet her in the shrine just outside of Mt. Zublo. After meeting her the first time at this location, she cannot be visited again until after the party crosses the Outer Sea and returns, which at that point she becomes a Master.



Game Data Edit

The Miracle Gene can be found here, past a large pit of lava, near where the Flame Talons can be acquired.