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Mt. Rocko
ロッコ山 Rokko Yama (Mt. Rocco)

Mt. Rocko is a location in Breath of Fire II. It is the central peak of a small mountainous region east of HomeTown. The mountain's cave network is home to the Joker's Gang.

Notable Residents[]

Win - Can be recruited for House #2 in Township, he provides a way to change the colors of the menu and text screens.


Upon arriving at Mt. Rocko, the party speaks to a Hood who refuses entry and engages the party in battle. Exploring, they find many friendly hoodlums, a guarded treasure chest, a resident in the back left room, more hoodlums in the center back room, and a gate in the right back room.

A Hood in the right back room guards a switch to a gate, and tests the player's memory of Joker relations. Failing to answer correctly results in a battle. Passing the gate, it goes up and another Hood informs the party that the switch is in a hole, and a pair of eyes appear in the hole. Ryu sticks his hand in and gets poisoned by a P.Spider. The Hood declares that Ryu has failed the test and drops the gate to attack.

After the Hood is defeated, they explore the caves and find Nina and Mina in the back. Joker demands Nina's oath while holding Mina hostage. The party sneaks around and Katt takes the lead and dispatches the hoodlum holding Mina hostage the five hoodlums notice and swarm the party. After dispatching the hoodlums, Joker retreats, Nina flings a fireball at the cave and causes a cave-in on Joker. Joker reveals his true under the rubble and engages the party.

After Joker is defeated, the party battles their way out to find that the hoodlums have fled, leaving a chest containing 1,000 zenny unguarded. The party then heads to Windia.


  • 1000 zenny guarded by an unnamed lackey who flees after Joker's defeat.
  • LuckCndy in a cave branch after the tests.
  • SilverDR past the hole in the same room as the LuckCndy.
  • 100 zenny on the right side in the hole.


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