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Mt. Maori
マオリ山 Maori Yama (Mt. Maori)

Mt. Maori is a location found in Breath of Fire II.


Randomly visiting[]

The party arrives to find the Gedd's Assistant in the first cave, blocking access to the Magician. They can comb the mountain for treasures and/or leave.

Tunlan's Crisis Pt.1[]

After having obtained the Famous Flute and spoken to the citizens of Tunlan, they come to find the Magician Gedd, who refuses to speak to anyone other than a pretty girl. Once he finds out that the Queen is ill and overweight, he quickly agrees to help, and the party sets off for Tunlan again.

Tunlan's Crisis Pt.2[]

Gedd sends the party back with a note for the assistant who then asks the party to fetch a very specific mushroom. Upon picking the mushroom, the party is teleported back to the cave. Gedd's Assistant checks the mushroom, and if it is incorrect, the party must trudge back up the mountain (it has 4 dots and is on the little island). If it is correct, he places a chest with a Mirror inside for the party to collect and the party once again goes back to Tunlan.


  • MoonDrop Third cave.
  • ThornWP Second cave, first treasure chest you see.
  • CureAl Second cave, second treasure chest you see.
  • FlameSD Second cave, after crossing the falls, in the first room.
  • HushRG Second cave, after crossing the falls, past the first room, take the lower road to the left, go outside, step into the falls, and press down.
  • FlameSH Second cave, after crossing the falls, past the first room, on the right.
  • MagmaAR Second cave, after crossing the falls, past the first room, up the steps on the right to the high road, into the second room, on the second level right side.
  • Mirror The assistant places the chest upon bringing him the note and then his requested mushroom.


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