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Mt. Glom
グーの火山 Guu no Kazan (Gu Volcano)
Mt Glom seen from Plains
Gold Plains; Eastern Continent

Mount Glom is a volcanic mountain which is part of the Golden Plains Region of the Eastern Continent in Breath of Fire IV. It can be reached from the Plains if Ryu and the party head eastwards until they reach the big rock and then head southwards until they reach the mountain's base.

Mount Glom houses magma caverns with molten rock that damages the party if they step onto them. Inside the central chamber, there are several platforms that change their layout after a random battle is triggered. In order to collect all treasure chests, Ryu and the party must learn to make use of this mechanic. The mountain is also the home of the smith who helps the party during the main story and is able to craft armor from from the crafting materials that the party finds.


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Mount Glom is a volcano and home to the smith who crafted the King's Sword. Ryu and the party visit him in order to request that he forges a replica of the original sword to substitute the original which breaks early in the game. The smith then entrusts the party with the task to procure a Faerie Drop, a rare metal only found in the realm of the fairies. Upon the party's return, he forges a replica of the original King's Sword which the party plans to use to free Cray from Ludian custody.


Item Location
Fire Ward inside volcano, exit to the east, next room exit to the north, then exit to the west
600 zenny East in shifting platform room
Vitamin (x2) Northern part of shifting platform room
Drill Punch Use western exit from shifting platform toom
Molotov (x4) down the ladder (Smith) and exit to west; across bridge



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