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Moon Tears (つきのしずく, Tsuki no Shizuku?, lit. "Moon Water Drop") also known as MoonDrop and M.Drop is a recurring recovery item throughout the Breath of Fire series.


Breath of Fire[]

M.Drop fully restores health and cures all negative status conditions when used. It can be rarely dropped by most enemies in the game. This item can stack.

Breath of Fire II[]

MoonDrop retains its properties from the first game, but is comparatively much scarcer. Unlike the previous title, it cannot stack.

Breath of Fire III[]

Moon Tears
Effect Restores all HP and cures all negative status conditions
Target All
Found Tower, Angel Tower, Caer Xhan, Station Myria Battle Rooms, Two fixed encounters in the Desert of Death.
Stolen Ammonite

Breath of Fire IV[]

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