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The Mirror is key item in Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II. It is unknown whether they are two distinct mirrors, or the same recurring object which merely exhibits different magical properties in each game.

Use in Breath of Fire[]

"This item can cause to appear immaterial beings."
— Item description
"Mirror causing to appear a ghost of Ross wife in Arad."
— Manual description

In this game, the Mirror allows you to see immaterial beings and is necessary in order to contact the ghost of Ross's wife in Arad Castle. After winning the fight against the Cloud, the party can retrieve it from casket on first floor of Dark Tower.

Use in Breath of Fire II[]

This game's mirror is given to you by Gedd's Assistant and allows you to magically teleport inside the body of Queen Poporo so that you can defeat the parasitic monsters within her. However, you must first acquire the Mushroom in order to be able to shrink down to the appropriate size.