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Leader of a Crime Organisation

Mikba is a character in Breath of Fire III. He is a human turned Demon and the Boss of Syn City's crime syndicate. The organization has connections with Mayor McNeil and McNeil village.

Although his appearance in the story is brief, he and his henchmen cause major reverberations that impact events throughout the majority of the game. As such he can be considered one of the game's major antagonists.


Mikba is a middle aged muscular, yet overweight man with tanned skin and green hair. He wears a red coat the leaves him barechested, a large belt on purplish pants and red boots. He also has a necklace.

In his demon form he is a bluish-purple skinned monster with two large red horns encased on a large suit of armor with an equally massive two handed Axe. His wings protrude from his armor and he has a long tail.


Mikba is a stereotypical gangster, self-centered, greedy, sociopathic, cruel, sadistic, merciless, arrogant and without a shred of remorse. Mikba is a firm believer of using power for one's own sake and actively encourages others to be equally selfish. He reveals he was given his powers from "God". The term God used here is used by other characters to refer to Myria.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

Mikba is the leader of the Crime Organization, a mafia headquartered on Syn City who controls the place which is filled with all kinds of criminals. At some point during his life, he was granted power by "God" which he used to consolidate his criminal empire with influence in the Yraall and Wyndia regions.

Mayor McNeil is one of the organization's henchmen who engages in extortion by taxing the populace of McNeil Village. When local bandits, Rei, Ryu and Teepo robbed McNeil of his money, the mayor reported it to the organization where it is all but assumed that Mikba sent his top lieutenants, Balio and Sunder to murder them as retaliation.

Mikba himself is not mentioned until later on the game when Ryu and his friends escape from the brothers' clutches in Genmel. When Garr betrays the brothers and ruins their ambush on Maekyss Gorge, they claim that his betrayal would incur on Mikba's wrath although Garr pays it no mind and joins the youngsters in defeating the duo.

Mikba would come to the picture much later during the adolescent years where it is revealed that Rei survived the brothers' attack and having dedicated the following years tracking the organization, he now embraces his Weretiger powers and consequently assaults members of the mafia with the intention of finding Mikba and taking revenge on Balio and Sunder.

Rei soon learns of Mikba's residence on Syn City and soon lays waste to the criminal city, but arrives to late as Mikba has fled, headed for the Dauna Checkpoint. The group discovers this after heading to Syn City looking for Rei. They attempt to catch up with him to try and stop him so they can learn the truth for themselves. Ryu and the others arrive at the checkpoint as Mikba is attempting to escape. Mikba transforms into a demon, and the group defeats him in combat.


See also: Mikba (Boss)

Mikba is faced as a boss early during the adolescent years and the party is forced to fight him with a KO'd Rei. Although Mikba initially attempts to escape from the party, he is more than capable of protecting himself and is more than a match for Ryu and his friends.


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