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Mighty Chop (せんぎり, Sengiri?, lit. "Slice"), also known as Chopchop and Cleave, is a recurring ability in the Breath of Fire series.

Breath of Fire II[]

Chopchop costs 0 AP to use. It generally deals roughly 60-ish damage, ignoring defense; this makes it useful for fighting certain low-HP, high-defense enemies like M.Knight, Ganet, or Chorking.

It is obtained from Wildcat after his defeat so long as you've kept his disposition high by following the rules of the WildCat cafe and being willing to forgive him for attempting to cook you.

Do note that you can only learn Chopchop if you visit WildCat before Jean sends you out to recover his Royal Ring.

Breath of Fire III[]

Mighty Chop costs 0 AP to use. It deals physical damage to a single target while ignoring defense. It can be obtained by apprenticing under Hachio for 2 levels, or by examining Newts

Mighty Chop
Attack Ability {{{description}}}
Target Single
AP cost 0
Enemy use Newt

Breath of Fire IV[]

Cleave costs 3 AP to use. It deals physical damage to all targets while ignoring defense. It can be obtained from Kryrik after dealing a combo with at least 50 hits. It is also available while Ryu is in his Myrmidon form.

Attack Ability {{{description}}}
Target Multi-target
AP cost 3
Enemy use Gecko, Rider