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Dream, Former location of one of three Inhearts

Memory is location that appears in Breath of Fire II. It is a dungeon that replaces the old man iteration of Inheart within Gandaroof's dream.


Upon arriving, they find that the walls and floor have become flesh, and that the old man explains that they are now farsighted and that walls become blurry to invisible as the party approaches them. A man offers to lead them inside for 100 zenny, but if the party declines and speaks to him again, he will have increased the price to 1,000 zenny. A man on the second floor offers to escort you somewhere, but becomes confused. A small maze on the third floor. A fourth floor slice a lot like the second floor, but without the man. The 5th floor is another maze. Sixth floor same as fourth floor. Seventh floor has some old men that can't remember anything, and a door. Stepping through, their farsightedness vanishes. The old man in the room reveals that he is responsible for altering the memories of Gate's residences, and he is now going to destroy Ryu. After Aruhamel's defeat, the old men next door have regained their memory and begin telling their lore. Exiting via the Child's Inheart "bank", the party speaks to Gandaroof before heading south.



  • AutoBW Offer to be escorted inside, then offer to be escorted to the exit to reach this chest.
  • EarthAR with the AutoBW.
  • MisoSoup Third floor bottom left corner.
  • 1,000 zenny 5th floor bottom left.
  • HeroBT 5th floor top left corner.
  • BlndedML 5th floor bottom right corner.