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"Don't worry--this is where they summon gods and whatnot! There's bound to be lots of mediums around!"
Deis inside Ershin's body to party, requesting a physical body to be freed from armor

Mediums[1] are a group of individuals who possess the magical ability to bring power extra-dimensional entities knows as the Endless into the game's world. Mediums live exclusively in Chek, and aside from their caretaker and mentor Abess, they seem to form the town's entire population. The mediums which the player encounter throughout the game appear to be children and they seem to age more slowly than normal humans.

Mediums are able to bring the Endless into their world through an ancient technique known as "the Spell of Evocation," which has been proliferated across centuries by the mediums. The Endless are nigh-omnipotent beings which shape the course of world history, and as such, the existence of the mediums and the Spell of Evocation has been kept hidden from the outside world. Along with caring for and educating the mediums, Abbess also ensures that the Spell of Evocations is passed to successive generations.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Mediums play a vital role in the story. Rhem, the strongest medium, offers her help to provide a temporary body for Deis, who has been freed from a seal binding her inside the moving armor Ershin. After a short hedonistic spree, eating a yak-like animal and drinking several bottles, she explains how Endless are being summoned. The Fou Empire, however, has come up with it's own imperfect method of evocation, which led to Fou-Lu and Ryu's summoning. The Abbess was surprised to see Ryu, whom she identifies as Yorae Dragon, without any knowledge of his summoning. Deis later reveals that it was indeed the Fou Empire who summoned them.

Subsequently, Rasso, a commander of the imperial army, enters the village of Chek on his quest to find the other imperfect half of the Yorae Dragon, Ryu. Whereas he does not find it, he captures the mediums. Ershin tries to stop him, but is overpowered by his strong magic. Rasso brings the mediums to the nearby Abandoned Village in his quest to find Ryu and the secret of evocation.

Ryu and the others return to Chek, learn what happened from the Abbess who survived, and rush to the village. Rasso, being a sadistic individual, meanwhile used to force to make the mediums talk, despite the fact that they are children. As Ryu arrives, he witnesses a medium collapse and Rasso simply smirks, stating that he "asked" them as Ursula, an captain of the imperial army, condemns his deeds.Ryu goes berserk, transforms into Kaiser Dragon and obliterates Rasso and his troops, leaving the others in fear. Nina manages to calm him down eventually.

Rhem is the only medium who survived the slaughter, aside from the master Abbess.

Notable Mediums[]


  1. Individuals in the village are referred to as "medium" (singular) and "mediums" (plural).


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