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The McNeil Family is an aristocratic clan in Breath of Fire III and serve as minor antagonists.


The McNeils are a family spawning to present day 13 generations and preside over the equally named McNeil Village in the Yraall Region. Although not much of their history is known it is implied the entire family to be composed of corrupt nobles who have made their fortunes through illicit means, with the present McNeil engaging in extortion.

The family clan is heavily entitled and self-important and to present day, the spirits of the McNeils still haunt the McNeil Manor protecting it from invaders and whose purpose is to protect the family riches and pass them down to their descendants.

Some books in the library briefly narrate some of the accomplishments of the family heads, although most of them are filled with bragging, self-praise and aggrandizement, some like the 6th are described as boring and unremarkable, and the current 13th family head is widely accepted to be incompetent even by former family heads.


Mayor McNeil is the head of the equally named McNeil village. He works for the Crime Organization and engages in extortion by taxing the populace from which he pays the mafia a share.

When Loki hires Rei, Ryu and Teepo to get McNeil's money, convincing them that they'll be treated as heroes for doing the right thing and they accept. In truth Loki only wanted to make a quick profit out of McNeil's riches and neither he nor the boys were aware of McNeil's connection with the organization.

Rei, Ryu and Teepo successfully infiltrate the manor through a poorly fixed wall, and even bribe off some of the guards as many are unmotivated to work for McNeil who is cheap. The boys cause chaos when the chickens run amok, with Rei further providing a distraction allowing Ryu and Teepo to enter the manor.

The two are forced to fight the ghosts of the McNeil's until they rendezvous with Rei in the roof. The trio makes their way to McNeil's room where he is playing with a prostitute and the trio intimidate him into giving them the village's money. The ghosts of the McNeil deem the 13th heir a disgrace and manifest as an amalgamation meant to defeat the intruders but find themselves exorcised.

With the money on hand the trio leave while the woman berates McNeil for his cowardice. He soon throws a tantrum but assures himself he would have the last laugh at the end. McNeil subsequently reports the incident to the organization which prompts Balio and Sunder two of its top lieutenants to deal with the offenders and almost kill the trio in a fight.

The villagers aware of McNeil's connection with the organization return the tax money to him immediately so as to not incur on the mafia's wrath. It is all but certain that McNeil keeps extorting the villagers for the following years.

Several years later the Kingdom of Wyndia would conduct an investigation into McNeil who would find himself charged for smuggling crops. Although McNeil refutes the allegations, he soon finds himself in a pinch when told that Balio and Sunder were killed along the mounting pile of evidence of his misconduct through interviews of the villagers. McNeil is then arrested and jailed in Wyndia's dungeon where he spends the remaining of the game tied with ropes, likely putting a permanent end to the family's misdeeds.