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マクニール Makuniiru (McNeil)
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Non-Playable Character
McNeil Manor

McNeil is a non-playable character in Breath of Fire III. He is the mayor of McNeil village, and part of the thirteenth generation of the McNeil Family. Although a minor antagonist, his actions have major repercussions throughout the duration of the game's plot.

Appearance & Personality[]

McNeil is a middle aged large man, dressed in regal clothing. He has long brown hair tied into a braid, that reaches his legs.

McNeil is a petty criminal, greedy and cheap he taxes his people yet refuses to pay his workers a proper salary which is the reason his manor is rather understaffed and heavily demotivated. Although he uses extortion to acquire his riches, he himself is a coward who acts purely because he has the backing of the criminal organization. He is otherwise unremarkable and even his own ancestors admit he is a disgrace. Documents in his home that list his finances reveal that McNeil has little money for himself despite what he taxes the townspeople, this implies either that a large share of the money go towards the crime organization, or that McNeil is highly incompetent at handling his resources. The latter of which seems the more likely as evidenced by him playing with a woman he had hired for entertainment.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

In the beginning of the game after Ryu, Rei, and Teepo defeat the Nue and bring some peace to the village, they are tricked by Loki into breaking into McNeil's manor to steal back the money he taxes people in the village. Ryu and Teepo enter the mansion and end up fighting 4 ghosts of past McNeil's as they progress.

After meeting up with Rei on the roof and meeting the current McNeil while he was chasing a woman he had hired for entertainment. McNeil is shocked to see the party who demand his money as he is scared. His ancestors no longer being able to stomach the family heir's ineptitude appear and the party is forced battle the combined form of his ancestors which they defeat. With no defense protecting him the party is free to take his money while the woman berates him as a wimp and leaves him.

The party distribute the tax money leaving it at the townspeople home's doorsteps. He would end up having the last laugh though, as everyone including Loki were unaware of his involvement with the crime organization run by Mikba. He has Balio and Sunder burn down Rei's home and ambush the party, and all 3 were presumed to be dead until Ryu encountered Balio and Sunder again on Mt. Myrneg.

In the second half of the game, Ryu and Garr witness McNeil being arrested by a group of Wyndian soldiers led by Nina for his involvement with the crime organization. He is subsequently jailed in the prison of Castle Wyndia for the remainder of the game.

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