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The Master system is a special gameplay feature within Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV geared towards ability acquisition. In it, players align their characters with NPCs and, upon fulfilling specific requirements, gain improved stats and/or skills.

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Breath of Fire IIIEdit

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The master system first appears in Breath of Fire III, allowing the player to customize the characters in unique ways via people who are referred to as masters. After a certain number of levels, characters can learn abilities from their masters.

Breath of Fire IVEdit

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The master system remains generally unchanged, with the exception of two factors:

  1. One does not gain abilities by levelling up, but instead by fulfilling certain conditions like dealing a certain amount of damage.
  2. Masters have their own "will"—passive benefits—which their apprentices earn via alignment. These wills vary from gaining more Zenny after battle to dealing more damage.