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The Master system is a gameplay feature within Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV. It allows players to assign their characters to certain non-playable characters, referred to as Masters, which alters the course of their stat increases upon level up. Player characters are also able to learn new abilities from these masters upon fulfilling varying requirements.

Breath of Fire III[]

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The master system first appears in Breath of Fire III, where a total of seventeen masters are available to study under. After a gaining certain number of consecutive levels while apprenticing under a master, characters will learn an ability, unless it has already been learned previously either from that master or through the use of the Examine command in battle. Similarly, once a skill has been learned from a master, it cannot be learned a second time by examining an enemy.

Each master will also affect their students' stat gain in a significant way, increasing or decreasing the amount that stats would normally grow upon level up. The specific stats and the amount they are affected by vary from master to master. It is therefore advisable to know under which master every character will train in advance, as the stat alteration will become noticeable the farther the player progresses. It is also important to note that it is always possible to compensate for stat points lost through masters with permanent stat boosting items, such as the Power Food.

Some masters also grant their students secret bonuses that don't linger if the student leaves apprenticeship under said master.

Breath of Fire IV[]

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The master system remains generally unchanged from the previous game, with only a few key differences. Now, rather than learning skills after gaining a fixed amount of levels under a master, the player needs to fulfill certain themed conditions based upon the master. Those conditions can range from dealing a certain amount of damage in a single combo, to having played a certain amount of hours, or having acquired a specific item. One significant implication of this change is that the player can now unlock every one of a master's taught skills without ever apprenticing under them. Masters now all provide their own will to their apprentices. The will is a passive effect, which varies between each master. One such will increases the zenny yield after every battle. Another one increases a character's damage.

Additionally, the master section in the camp has been revamped to now allow the player to more easily switch their party's masters, without having to enter different towns and speaking to non-playable characters.