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マーロック Maarokku (Marlok)
Portrait MarlokFace Sprite
Sprite Marloksprite
Requirement Marlok becomes available as a master in Chapter III after showing him a tin ball.
HP +16 AP +3
Pwr 1 Def 1
Wis 1 Agl 1
' Criteria
Charm Have the Copper Ball
Monopolize Have the Electrum Ball
Roulette Have the Platinum Ball
Will Greed - increase the amount of money after battles

Marlok is a character within Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IVEdit

Marlok is found in his house in Synesta. He is a Manillo businessman with a lecherous side. When Ryu tries to speak to him regarding the wherabouts of Princess Elina, his bodyguard Kahn gets beaten up. Because of this, he sends Ryu, Cray and Ershin to catch the thief while Nina stays at his home. When failing to catch the thief, he sends them to the Sandflier Wharf to work. When they help him, he takes them to the Gateway.

Later in the game, when Ursula and Scias attempt to hijack his sandflier, Marlok is disgusted that they would resort to banditry, embarrassing Nina and Cray. He gives them a loan so they could get their own Sandflier, with the thought that their party is on their way to a very big destiny, and he wants to profit from it.

Once Ryu completes the trading quest to get the Tin Ball, Marlok is available as a master. He is good for a character who could use AP, like Ershin or Cray.