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First appearance: Breath of Fire II
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The Maoren (猫人(マオレン, ?) are a catlike tribe who share similar features to, and are sometimes depicted as being rivals with, another feline tribe known as the Woren. The two are among several tribe that fall under the umbrella term of the beastmen clans. Although they have been a regular fixture in the series since Breath of Fire II, the clan was not given an official name until Breath of Fire 6. In the interim the phrase Wildcats, (derived from the Breath of Fire II character of the same name, was used by fans as a placeholder name.


The Official Complete Works state that the Woren are originally descended from a beast-headed god. The Maoren entry on Capcom's official Breath of Fire 6 website states that they and the Woren can trace their lineage back to this common ancestor.


Maoren closely resemble bipedal cats. However, they posses human-level dexterity which allows them to achieve tasks that are beyond the capacity of most other beastmen, such as operating complex machinery and crafting firearms. This may also factor into why many of their clan are particularly renowned cooks.

Individual members vary greatly in terms of their size and overall build. Some, such as Hachio and Haopu, are significantly larger than adult humans, while others such as Porty are roughly the same size, and others yet, such as Shuran and many other Maoren non-playable characters are closer to the size of a human child. Similarly, some of the Maoren are heavyset while others are extremely slender. They encompass a wide variety of fur colors including yellow, white, brown, gray, blue, pink, and green.


Maoren professionals have earned the respect of the other clans and they can often be found employed as skilled workers in foreign countries. For example, Hachio is the royal chef of Wyndia during the timeline of Breath of Fire III, while Haopu is a cook in Breath of Fire 6's Dragnier Village. Despite their common ancestry with the Woren, by the time of Breath of Fire 6, the two clans have developed a sharp rivalry and quarrels between the two groups are a common site in towns.


Maoren is Chinese for "cat people," similar to how Woren is derived from the Chinese term for "tiger people."

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