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First appearance: Breath of Fire I
Other appearances: Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Breath of Fire 6
Home: Prima
Leader(s): Unknown

The Manillo are a tribe of bipedal fish who are able to breathe while on land. A clan of notoriously greedy traders, they boast that they will one day control the world's commerce. Their home location is the sub-aquatic city of Prima, and their trade territory is any place that touches the sea.

Clan Abilities[]

Manillo have the ability to breathe on both land and in water. Manillo are strong swimmers and are able to transform into Big Fish with the power of a Sphere.


The Manillo are a very business run clan. Most, if not all, Manillo become merchants and can be found just about anywhere in the world. Manillo love gold, to the point that a Manillo can be caught like a fish if gold is used as bait. Their love of gold may be the reason why Manillo usually become merchants.

Because of the nature of their activity, Manillo are organized in a central Merchant Guild that acts as their government body. As seen in the first game, every Manillo has to be integrated into the guild to acquire their business license to do their work, which can be revoked for shady practices. Manillo that have their business license stripped from them are effectively banned from doing business in their homeland. It is unclear if this also extends to other parts of the world as was the case of Gobi, who had his license removed but still did business in the outside. Although it is also possible that he may have acted in violation of the norms, but with the Guild effectively unable to perform any enforcement into other lands where they have far less control. Furthermore, the Guild or any sort of regulating organization after the first game is unseen, leaving it unknown if a central group still exists later on.

While most of the Manillo seen in game tend to act in good faith and are proper merchants, there are, nonetheless some Manillo in later installments with questionable practices, some even doing business with criminal organizations.


  • The two Manillos (Giotto and Marlok) that are available to study under as Masters both share the same stat growth pattern: they increase HP and AP by large amounts, but lower the other core stats by one each. It is unknown why this is the case, but it's possible that the Manillos are masters that focus on increasing the overall "wealth" (HP/AP) of the player above everything else.

Notable Members[]

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