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  • Ryuuna

    Breath of Fire IV Location and NPC Wiki Update

    The scope of work is much clearer by now, so this has become the main focus of my effort, the initial main project is now the side project. This blog serves more or less as a progress tracker x diary x tasklist so I can keep track of what I want to do a…

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  • Ryuuna

    Breath of Fire IV Content Update Project

    The goal of this project is to update and enhance the Breath of Fire IV Fishing and fishing Spot section of this wiki. This was the single-most defining game of my childhood that solidified my love for the franchise tremendously. I am currently replaying the …

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  • Spleepoppetween

    Update time! I new PV showing off some characters including some new ones have been released. You'll see some fight scenes including one with Klaus. Near the end you will notice that Nina shows her wings but also apparently helping out Klaus there is another member of the Wing Clan. 

    Also more words…

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  • Iamreverie

    Nothing much

    March 17, 2015 by Iamreverie

    Well, I really got nothing to say. I just wanted to express that awesome feeling I felt after knowing that I am already contributing to the most nostalgic game of my childhood. This is seriously awesome! Looking forward to more changes!

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  • Spleepoppetween

    Theres some more info on Breath of Fire 6 that was just released a few days ago!

    First off lets start with the new characters, they include:

    Klaus - A great knight of the Schwartz Empire, may be involved with the invasion of Dragnier

    Elise - Also a part of the Schwartz Empire (Also has a ugly outfit)


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Artwork of Klaus from Breath of Fire 6.


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