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Maekyss Gorge
メーカース峡谷 Meekaasu Kyoukoku (Makers Gorge)
Central Wyndia

Maekyss Gorge is a location that appears in Breath of Fire III. It is initially impassable by the party, but following the events at the Contest of Champions, the party's way is no longer barred and Garr will join the party here. It is also home to the Frost Gene.


The Maekyss Gorge is located on the Maekyss River. When the party first arrives at it, it is blocked off by a turned over cart. This in turn forces them to take the dangerous path through Mt. Boumore instead. Once they are recaptured by Balio & Sunder, the horse brothers block the route with some of their henchmen, preventing the party from escaping once again. After the Contest of Champions, Ryu and party tries to cross this place in order to escape from them. Before they can cross it, Balio and Sunder are already waiting there with their henchman to stop them. As such, a fight ensues. After they defeat some thugs, Garr joins the party. Feeling betrayed, Balio and Sunder vows to kill them all by fusing into a Stallion. Ryu and his party defeats them, ending Balio and Sunder once and for all, and heads to Wyndia in order to gain a passport to travel to the eastern lands, as their destination is Angel Tower.

During the Adolescent chapters, in order to get the mayor of Parch to help the party find the "Legendary Mariner", the party comes here to learn how to make shisu from Kimiko, the wife of a Creeping Clan artist who lives here, as she's a renowned shisu chef. She tells them to get the four ingredients: Mackerel, Shaly Seeds, Vinegar, and Horseradish, in order to make it. The Shaly Seeds can be found right here by having Peco headbutt the tree behind her house. It's best to get the full amount of 99 Shaly Seeds as a precaution. After talking to her the first time, a new fishing spot will appear just outside of the area, near the Flower Ring, allowing the player to fish for Mackerel. Once all the ingredients are gathered, Kimiko will explain how to make the shisu, even giving her own personal recipe as a reference, giving the player a general idea of how to make it. After that, Maekyss Gorge's role in the story ends.




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