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魔法 がっこう Mahou Gakkou (Magic School)

M.School is a location in Breath of Fire II. Situated in HomeTown, it is a school dedicated to helping its students learn the magical arts. Nina is among its students and Yoji is among its instructors.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

At some point before the events of the game, King Kenny and Queen Hina of Wyndia discovered that their eldest daughter Nina's newly developed wings were black, which according to an ancient legend marked her as the harbinger of their kingdom's demise. Rather than killing her as the law requires, they stage her death and secretly send her to live at M.School under the care of Yoji.

Although the events of the main game begin in HomeTown, a pair of guards prevent the player from immediately accessing M.School. After the events at Coursair, and Rand's decision to help Bow and Niro rebuild their house, Ryu and Katt return to HomeTown and find the M.School's guards have vanished. In their place are a group of thugs harassing a winged girl who is one of the school's students. After repeatedly warning them away, she attacks them with magic and they retreat. In awe of the girl's abilities, Katt begs Ryu to speak with the staff to see if they can be allowed to enroll as students.

Once inside, Ryu and Katt eavesdrop a conversation between Nina and Yoji: the thugs are members of The Joker Gang, a band of thieves who have kidnapped Nina's younger sister in an effort to force Nina into servitude. Katt and Ryu volunteer their assistance and eventually help the sisters escape and defeat the gang. Following this, they escort Mina back to Wyndia, and Nina withdraws from the school in order to accompany the party on their travels.

Later in the game, after the party discovers Wisdon, the player can gain the hidden character Bleu by speaking to her at the school, where she is disguised as one of the students.

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