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リプ Ripu
North Island Region; Northern Islands

Lyp is a location in the North Island Region in Breath of Fire IV. It is a small fishing and trading village which serves as one of the two ports in the game. The Salt Sea can be explored from here. Simple structures such as wooden planks, reed-thatched roofs suggest a rather pragmatic and simple lifestyle in this village. Various merchants and members of the Manillo tribe can be found, scattered on houseboats and small platforms. Even the local inn is simple as travelers merely sleep on a roof. Besides trade, the town also seems to live off fish, which can be easily caught in the adjacent Salt Sea. Moreover, their diet is complemented by a variety of fruits that can be seen throughout town, most likely from the nearby Jungle.


After crossing the sea from Shikk, the party arrive in Lyp, a small village comprised of connected boats floating on the water. According to one resident, few people who live there bother to travel to the mainland. They restock on supplies and gear and eventually make their way deeper into the Northern Islands via the one road leading out of the village to the nearby Jungle.

From this location, it is possible to use Zig’s ship to explore the Salt Sea and find, among other things, the Sea Dragon. Gyosil, one of the game's masters is also available to apprentice under if the player has accumulated at least 3,000 fishing points. Once Gyosil has been secured as a Master, the party is also able to gain access to the another Master, Sister Lyta in Synesta.


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Weapon Shop[]

Weapon Price
Piercing Edge 7200z
Battle Rod 6200z
Stone Club 7000z
Sparkler 5000z
Full Plate 6000z
Robe of Wind 6500z
Long Boots 550z
Dress Shoes 800z

Item Shop[]

Item Price
Healing Herb 20z
Vitamin 100z
Panacea 100z
Ammonia 250z
Wooden Rod 50z
Silver Top 20z
Twister 20z
Popper 20z

Manillo Store[]

Item Price
Platinum Top Browntail (1x) Sweetfish (1x) Trout (1x)
Dancer Black Bass (1x) Blue Gill (1x) Piranha (1x)
Swisher Browntail (1x) Trout (1x) Sweetfish (1x)
Deep Diver Blue Gill (x1) Black Bass (x1) Piranha (x1)
Fat Frog Browntail (1x) Trout (1x) Sweetfish (1x)
Crab Blue Gill (x1) Black Bass (x1) Piranha (x1)
Angling Rod Salmon (x2) Dorado (2x) Martian Squid (2x)
Aurum Bass (3x)

Notable Residents[]


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