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ルディア Rudia
Ludia Region;Eastern Continent

Ludia is a location that appears in Breath of Fire IV. It is a kingdom that resides on the south of the Eastern Continent, near Worent. The Prince of Ludia was supposedly engaged to Princess Elina, which encouraged rumors that she had run away. This was an arranged marriage, conceived to consolidate shaky relations between Wyndia and Ludia, and to form an alliance between them.

Ludia seems to use the Aurum, which is mined by the prospectors at the Dam[1], for its machinery. Chimneys, a metal forge and a crane can be seen in town, which suggests that it is technologically more advanced than other locations in the game. The castle as military fortification reflects the town's strategic importance. During the events of the game, it is perpetually raining in Ludia.


Ludia trial 3

Cray and Prince Morley during the trial.

After Ryu and the party sneak into the Empire and are caught by Yuna, they are sent back to the Eastern Continent. This leaves Ludia in a difficult position as they are now left to settle negotiations to gain their safe return. The Ludians are further angered when they discover that Ryu has broken the King's Sword, a precious heirloom belonging to them, and so imprison Cray and put him on trial, whilst placing the others under house arrest. Scias, a mercenary swordsman, is hired by Ilgor to keep a tight watch over the party and to inform his boss about any suspicious developments. Humorously, along with the town's merchants, there is also a woman in the first building who complains about her missing husband. He can be found eating in a nearby warehouse, hiding behind an oven. He begs the party to remain silent about it.

Scias takes this order quite literal and accompanies the party who set out to Worent to seek out consel of the three wise men. Subsequently, the party heads into the Plains in order to meet Cray's mother Tarhn. Upon mentioning the Broken Sword, she instructs the party to meet with the smith who lives inside Mount Glom, a nearby volcano. If Cray was executed, this would mean war between Ludia and Worent, effectively further destabilizing the fragile alliance of the eastern nations. The party follows her instructions, meets with the smith and then leaves to Wychwood to procure a Faerie Drop which is required for reforging the sword.

Ludia Castle trial 2

Cray in the castle tower before escape.

After the smith has reforged the sword, the party returns to Ludia only to find out that the Empire has returned the Broken Sword. The party's effort was in vain as Prince Morley rejects the replica, stating that the treaty between the nations has been renegotiated and that he had to make territorial concessions. Ilgor expresses frustration towards Scias who counters that his orders were merely to keep an eye on his charges, not to prevent them from leaving the area. The party is left with no other choice but initiate a night raid in order to free Cray. The party then flees Ludia. Following the party's initial escape from Ludia, the inn becomes inhabited by costumers who gossip about Nina and Cray's leaving town (especially if Cray and Nina are present and they do not seem to notice). Likewise, Ludia's guards do not seem to take notice if the party returns to town.


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Inn free of charge (diary)

Weapon and Item shop (single vendor)[]

Item Price
Katzbalger 1800z
Reed Baton 1600z
Cuirass 840z
Crepe Cape 730z
Face Guard 450z
Healing Herb 20z
Panacea 100z
Ammonia 250z

Ludia Castle[]

This section refers to the playable castle section of the story where the party rescues Cray. Guards and Troops need to be dispatched within a single turn.


Item Location
Artemis' Cap defeat first guard, go upstairs, defeat next guard to the right, enter room


Toxic Fly

Notable Residents[]


  1. according to the worker NPC found in the town upon the first visit (gallery, see below)


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