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Masters in Breath of Fire IV are NPCs who help the protagonists by teaching them different skills and changing their stat growth during level up. Twelve of such masters can be found in the game.

List of Masters[]

Master Location Initial Requirement HP AP Pwr Def Agl Wis Will Reward
RwolfFace Sprite

In Kurok. Can be found at the entrance with a bird-like animal. None 0 1 −1 0 0 1 Haste -Increases speed in combat Eddy Perform a 5-hit combo
Plateau Perform a 10-hit combo
Magic Ball Perform a 15-hit combo
Flame Pillar Perform a 20-hit combo
StollFace Sprite

In the center of the Hideout Give him all your money 0 0 0 0 1 0 Filch - Steal new items Steal Have 80 different items in your inventory
Coward's Way Have 120 different items in your inventory
UnaFace Sprite

In Worent, on the second floor of the Elder's area. None 12 −2 2 1 0 −1 Wild - Higher damage, but lower chance to hit Pilfer Deal 1500 damage with a single combo
Super Combo Deal 3000 damage with a single combo
Blitz Deal 10000 damage with a single combo
Faerie3Face1 Sprite

Found in the Plains region at the "?" spot north-east of Ahm Fen Worked on the Faerie Colony −8 1 0 0 2 0 Pique - All counters are critical hits FaerieAttack Have 8 faeries in the Faerie Colony
FaerieBreath Have 12 faeries in the Faerie Colony
War Shout Have 16 faeries in the Faerie Colony
Faerie Charge Have 20 faeries in the Faerie Colony
BoFIV MomoPortrait Sprite

Found in Wyndia , inside of the windmill. None 8 0 0 0 0 0 Drowse - Characters in the back row of a fight will fall asleep and recover 10% of their HP/AP Spray Play the game for 25 hours
Clip Play the game for 30 hours
Oracle Play the game for 40 hours
Egghead Play the game for 50 hours
AbbessFace Sprite

Found inside of her house at the village of Chek Talk to two dragons 0 2 −2 −2 0 4 Reck - Increases skill learning chances Concentrate Encounter 70 different monsters
Sanctuary Encounter 85 different monsters
Celerity Encounter 100 different monsters
MarlokFace Sprite

Found inside of his house in Synesta. Acquire a Tin Ball through the Treasure Ball Sidequest 16 3 −1 −1 −1 −1 Greed - Increases zenny earned after battles Charm Have the Copper Ball
Monopolize Have the Electrum Ball
Roulette Have the Platinum Ball
KryrikFace Sprite

Found in Shikk Perform a 25-hit combo 25 −2 3 2 −2 −2 Finale - Finish off weakened opponent Megaphone Perform a 30-hit combo
SpiritBlast Perform a 40-hit combo
Cleave Perform a 50-hit combo
Disembowel Perform a 70-hit combo
Gyosil Portrait

Found in Lyp at the south of town in the Northern Islands region. Have at least 3000 fishing points −8 2 0 0 0 0 Ward - An item may not be used up when you use it in battle Ring of Ice Have 4000 fishing points
Spanner Have 6000 fishing points
Master's Rod Have 9500 fishing points
LytaFace Sprite

Found in Synesta Have someone in the party apprenticed under Gyosil 0 1 0 −1 0 1 Guard - Protect weakened party members Supplication Ryu is level 20
Holy Strike Ryu is level 25
Resist Ryu is level 30
Benediction Ryu is level 35
KahnFace1 Sprite

Found later in Saldine . None 20 −4 3 0 1 −3 Valor - Revive when knocked out Focus Have 300 encounters
Shout Have 400 encounters
Tiger Fist Have 500 encounters
Flex Have 600 encounters
BunyanFace Sprite

Found in Zhinga Mountain Met with every other masters −16 −3 1 1 1 1 Vision - 100% to-hit chance Backhand Deal 3000 damage with a single attack
Counter Deal 5000 damage with a single attack
Shadowwalk Deal 8000 damage with a single attack
Final Hope Deal 12000 damage with a single attack