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The following is a list of playable and recurring characters who appear in Breath of Fire IV.

Playable Characters[]

Breath of Fire IV contains seven playable characters: the central party of six members that is playable during the bulk of the game, as well as Fou-Lu, who is playable during brief periods of the game as a secondary protagonist.


Ryu's party consists of five allies, clockwise from top: Scias, Nina, Ursula, Ershin, and Cray.


An Endless who was split into two due to an incomplete summoning. Ryu, the protagonist of this series, starts out as a man who has no idea of his origin and destination except only of his purpose... to meet with his other half - the God-Emperor Fou-Lou. Joined by the Wyndian Princess, Nina, and the Woren Chief, Cray, Ryu sets out on a journey to the west, the Fou Empire to meet the God-Emperor and to help find Nina's sister, Elina. As he ventures further, he meets key characters that would aid him in his quest such as Ershin, Scias and Ursula.

Ryu can only use magic when he is in dragon form. His basic Dragon Transformation is the Aura Dragon whose skills include healing, support, and Fire attacks. He has a dragon form who is a Level 1 and 2 fire magic specialist (Wyvern). He also has other dragon forms who are level 1 and 2 magic specialist in Earth (Behemoth) and Wind (Myrmidon) magic. Additionally, he has another dragon form whose powers have primarily status changing effects (Mutant). Finally, his most powerful dragon form (Kaiser) is a Level 3 magic specialist who possesses Fire, Earth, and Wind abilities. Unfortunately, this dragon is uncontrollable until some required events have been met. Despite the fact that Ryu is unable to use spells (innately abilities) unless in dragon mode, he is still able to use skills that he has learned from enemies.


The youngest of the Wyndian princesses who left her home in search for her missing sister. Together with Cray, Nina journeys to Synesta to look for clues but was abruptly stalled by an accident which led her into meeting up with Ryu. Nina is the leading lady of the game, much like in every instalment of the Breath of Fire series, who helps keeps Ryu in control of his dragon abilities (such as when Ryu initially unleashes the Kaiser dragon).

Befitting her avian lineage, Nina is a master of Wind magic, learning all three levels of Wind-based spells: Sever, Cyclone, and Typhoon. She also learns numerous healing, status recovery, and reviving spells.


Ershin (which generally translates to "Master" from the language of the Fou Empire) is a suit of seemingly sentient armor that speaks in an eccentric third person voice. Inside this armor is a trapped Endless named Deis who, just like Ryu and Fou-Lou, is also a victim of an incomplete summoning. Ershin was the one to help Ryu and Nina to cross Chamba when they were being hunted by Imperial Troops. Deis was the one to help Ryu summon all the Gods in the Yorae Shrine to ask for power. Throughout the game, Ershin usually laughs in an incorrect timing and Deis is the one to give advice to Ryu and sometimes gives commentaries that are logical but embarrassing (specially to Nina).

Ershin is a master of Level 3 Magic of each of the four core elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. Ershin also eventually learns spells that makes them one of the most powerful characters in the game. They also learns a quite powerful dragon spells, possibly thanks to Deis' heritage as an Endless.


Cray is the Chief of the Woren Nation and a lover of the Wyndian Princess, Elina. He is a quite temperamental guy whose purpose of journeying is to find the missing princess and to ensure the safety of Princess Nina who is also searching for her missing sister. In his earnest wish to find Elina, Cray agreed to accompany Ryu in his quest to the Empire but eventually, he and the others got sucked into Ryu's life force which changed their destinies, after finding the missing princess and failing to retrieve her, Cray decided to stick with Ryu until the end of his journey.

Cray is an Earth magic specialist, learning all three levels of it: Rock Blast, Stone Pillar, and Quake. He is also a great support character since he can use stat raising abilities.


A mercenary who only thinks about money, Scias had a change of heart all because of Nina. He was a hired guard by Ilgor - the chief of staff of the Ludian empire, to "keep an eye" on the perpetrators (pointing out to Ryu, Nina and Ershin), Scias does the job and accompanies the three in their quest to save Cray from punishment by literally keeping an eye on them. He then finishes his job by informing Ilgor that the boy Ryu, is indeed a dragon that was being searched for by the empire. Ilgor then pays him and orders him to disappear. In the scene where Ryu and company was already on top of the Tower of Wind and Ilgor comes to stop them, Scias arrives and breaks his deal with Ilgor and joins Ryu and his party citing that he was doing so because he just "feels like it".

Scias is a master of skills involving blades and also of water type of magic. He can cast all three levels of water magic:Frost, Ice Blast, and Blizzard. He also has the use of healing and reviving abilities.


Granddaughter of the highest ranking military officer of the Fou Empire, Ursula was tasked to find and retrieve the Yorae Dragon (Ryu). Arriving at Chek (the hidden town of dragon summoners), she along with Captain Russo search for the dragon with their own means. She successfully managed to capture Ryu and his party but when she was informed that the villagers went into hiding and that they have to ensure their safety, she agrees to check on the abandoned village only to find out that Russo has massacred everyone just to know where the dragon is. Unable to stop a berserked Ryu, Ursula was captured by Cray and was given the complete data of the party's journey and mission. Ursula then agreed to bring them to the Empire not as a hostage but as a guide and that she will not let the party be arrested by any of the Fou Empires Troops. She told them that it is indeed her task to bring the Dragon to the empire but they must not liken everyone at the empire to Russo who only cares for glory and vengeance.

Ursula is a ranged fighter specializing with guns. She has all Level 2 elemental spells and also knows some abilities which can inflict negative status conditions.


The God Emperor whose incomplete summoning caused his power to be split in two. Fou-Lu is the other half of Ryu. He built the Fou Empire during his time but due to the excessive use of magic and incompleteness, fell into a deep sleep with the promise made by him and the humans that on his revival, he will assume once again as the emperor of the empire. After some time, when Ryu was born, Fou-Lou awoke and journeyed back to the Empire only to find out that the promise had been broken since a Fou Imperial General, Yohm, greeted him with fights and devious tactics designed to kill him. Along his journey, he gains a point of view that humans do not deserve salvation and that they are useless beings in terms of the gods. Apparently though, his resolve is being constantly shakened by the kind acts of Bunyan (a retired warrior who found him wounded and healed him) and Mami (a woman whom apparently made a romantic connection with him). When Ryu awakened the Kaiser Dragon, Fou-Lu's abilities were restored to full and, with that, he destroyed the imperial city and took the throne, killing the current Emperor Soniel on the way. Upon meeting Ryu, he persuaded Ryu to merge into him and destroy the human world but eventually failed and in turn was absorbed by Ryu who sent the gods off from the human world. During the game's ending, Ryu absorbs Fou-Lu and sends the gods away, including his own divine powers.

Recurring Non-Playable Characters[]

While not playable, the following characters make recurring appearances throughout the game and significantly impact its story.

  • Abbess: The elderly caretaker of Chek who leads and protects the town's child-like mediums. She assists the party in numerous ways on their journey, putting them into contact with Rhem, teaching them about the Endless and Ryu's true status, and eventually offering to allow the party to study under her as a Master.
  • Elina: Nina's older sister, and the eldest princess of Wyndia. She has been a friend of Cray's since childhood and is betrothed to Prince Morley of Ludia. She recently vanished during a good will tour of Synesta and Nina and Cray's search for her is the catalyst that brings the party together and sets the events of the game in motion. It is eventually revealed that she has being captured and experimented upon by Yuna, who has transformed her into an artificial Endless in order to create the perfect sacrifice for the Carronade.
  • Kahn: Marlok's arrogant and hyper-masculine bodyguard who serves as both comedic relief and a recurring antagonist to the party. Following his initial defeat at the hands of the party, he leaves Marlok's employ. He then trains under Una in Worent, where he is defeated by the party a second time. He attempts to battle the party again in Shikk and, after being shot by Ursula, he swims after and boards the party's boat where they defeat him a final time. He finally recognizes the party's great strength and, when after speaking to him in Saldine, he offers his services to them as a Master.
  • Marlok: A wealthy and notoriously stingy Manillo who accommodated Princess Elina on her journey to the Empire. He later helps the party cross to into the Fou Empire by smuggling them in a crate of apples. He eventually becomes one of the Masters that the party members can train under.
  • Mami: A woman who takes care of Fou-Lu when he is injured by the Fou army. Mami takes Fou-Lu in the hopes that he will be able to live a normal life with her. Unfortunately, General Yohm found out Fou-Lu's location and after helping Fou-Lu escape, Mami was captured by Yohm's men and was later used as a sacrifice for the Carronade.
  • Rasso: An Imperial Captain who is one of the primary antagonists in Ryu's portions of the game. He causes Ryu to unleash the Kaiser Dragon when he massacred the citizens of Chek.
  • Rhem: Chek's most powerful Medium. She temporarily serves as a vessel for Deis, causing the party to understand Ershin's true nature in the process. She is the only Medium to be survive Rasso's slaughter and she and Abbess remain in the village together afterward.
  • Soniel: The current Emperor of the Fou Empire who fears Fou-Lu's power and will stop at nothing to kill him. He is foreshadowed to be the game's overarching villain, however, he is eventually killed by Fou-Lu who then becomes the game's primary antagonist and final boss.
  • Tarhn: Cray's mother who has taken up a nomadic lifestyle in the Golden Plains where she serves as the priestess of Ch'o Ryong, the grass dragon. When Cray is captured, she advises the party to have the Smith at Mt. Glom create a replica of the King's Sword. Following his escape, Cray apologizes to her for the emotional duress he's caused and she gives the party the Jadestone so that they can confer with the Wind Dragon.
  • Yohm: An Imperial General who is the primary antagonist in Fou-Lu's part of journey. He instrumental in that he causes Fou-Lu to change his perspective on humans.
  • Yuna: An immoral scientist who doesn't care about other people as long as it would conclude his research a success. He is the one responsible for turning the princess Elina into a Goddess but turned her body in the process into an abomination.

Cameos of Characters from Previous Games[]

The following characters only appear in Breath of Fire IV in minor capacities, but previously appeared as playable characters in Breath of Fire III.

  • Momo: An inhabitant of Wyndia who serves as one of the Masters that the party can study under. Her comments suggest that she inadvertently traveled to Wyndia from her own time.
  • Rei and Teepo: They appear as vendors found in the Abandoned Village after the game is finished.