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Name Type Desc Buy Sell
9-TailWP Whip Rare Drop from Rare Zodiac
AmberRG Ring
Antdt Consumable Treatment for poison 12 6
ArmyGL Glove
AutoBW Bow
Backlaw Shield Protective Shield 990 495
Bait Consumable Looks awful 60 30
BananaDR Dagger
Bandana Helmet Warrior's helmet 10 5
Beef Consumable Casts Cure 1 200 100
BirchST Staff Wepn for a dancerfighter 5500 2750
Biscuit Consumable Casts Def Up X and Cure X 1000 500
BlastKN Knife
BlndedAR Armor
BlndedML Band
BlndedSH Shield
BoyDR Dagger A knife with a short blade 100 50
BrassSD Sword
BrassST Staff
BraveAR Armor
BreakSD Sword
BreathAR Armor Protective Armr. 2500 1250
BronzeHT Helmet Warrior's Helmet 390 195
BronzeSD Sword A sword has a long blade 250 125
BronzeSH Shield Protective Shield 510 255
BronzeST Staff Wepn for a dancerfighter 940 470
Bum'sCL Clothes It is clothes 50 25
BurnKN Knuckle Wepn worn on the fist 2500 1250
BusterBW Bow
BusterSD Sword
Cake Consumable 100 50
ChainML Mail Armor Protective Armr. 720 360
Charcoal Junk It's burnt N/A 0
Charm Equip
CharmRod Rod
CharmSH Shield Protective Shield 1350 675
Chkn Consumable Casts Cure 2 200 100
ChuckDR Dagger
CloakKN Knife
Collar Equip Increases monster encounters
Cond.Up Consumable Be in the best condition 1000 500
CrmsnCL Clothes
CrmsnRB Helmet Warrior's helmet 950 475
CrossBW Bow Bow 's wepn,long distance 780 390
CrsntSD Sword
CureAl Consumable Recover bad status 400 200
D.Earing Equip The D stands for Dream
DamageSD Sword
DeadSoup Consumable Casts Death 800 400
DeathBW Bow
DemonDR Dagger
DemonSH Shield Protective Shield 980 490
Dinker Consumable Increases Agility 100 50
DivideBL Consumable Cancel the uniting N/A N/A
DluxPole Rod
DmndBR Brace
DoubleWP Whip
DragonAR Armor
DragonHT Helmet
DragonSD Sword
DragonSH Shield
DreamBR Brace
EarthAR Armor
Egg Consumable Casts RenewX 200 100
ElemntAR Band
ElmoreSD Sword
EmblemRP Rapier
EmpireSD Sword
Extract Consumable Casts Cure 4 200 100
F.Spice Consumable Casts Flame 100 50
FalseBW Bow Bow 's wepn,long distance 300 150
FalseRG Ring A wepn for magicians 10 5
FastShoe Boot
FinalKN Knife
FireBW Bow Bow 's wepn,long distance 3600 1800
FireRG Ring A wepn for magicians 2600 1300
FireRock Consumable Use while fighting 800 400
FlameSD Sword A sword has a long blade 3200 1600
FlameSH Shield Protective Shield 3700 1850
Fork Weapon Junk weapon given to you as part of the WildCat test.
Frizbee Consumable Casts S.Boom 100 50
FrozenAR Armor
G8Bait Bait Attracts all fish (except Manillo) as soon as it hits the water
GiantSH Shield
GlassDR Dagger
GlassRG Helmet Warrior's Helmet 380 190
GoblinSD Sword
Gold Bait Be used for Fishing N/A N/A
GoldAR Armor Protective Armr. 6200 3100
GoldBar Treasure Be sold costly N/A 6000
GradeDR Dagger A knife with a short blade 5100 2550
GuardSH Shield
GutsBL Consumable Increase in guts 1000 50
GutsBT Boot
HandKN Knuckle Wepn worn on the fist 50 25
HeatST Staff Wepn for a dancerfighter 3000 1500
HelpBL Consumable Recover HP 100 points. 50 25
Herb Consumable Recover HP 40 points. 8 4
HeroAR Armor
HeroBT Boot
HexadST Staff Wepn for a dancerfighter 250 125
HolyRB Robe Protective Armr. 530 265
HolyRP Rapier
HolySF Scarf Decreases monster encounters
HolySH Shield
HushRG Ring
IceBW Bow
IceChunk Consumable Casts Hail 800 400
IceSH Shield
ImortlRG Ring
IronAR Armor Protective Armr. 1350 675
IronBR Brace
IronKN Knuckle Wepn worn on the fist 1000 500
IronML Armor Protective Armr. 1400 700
IronSH Shield Protective Shield 1200 600
IvyWP Whip It is a whip 1300 650
JahAR Armor Protective Armr. 600 300
KaiserKN Knife
KingHT Helmet
KingOfDR Dagger A knife with a short blade 6200 3100
KingSD Sword A sword has a long blade 1980 990
KmikzeBL Consumable Casts Typhoon 800 400
KnightHT Helmet Warrior's helmet 790 395
KramerBR Brace
LeotrdCL Clothes Protective Armr. 320 160
LifeAR Armor
LifeBR Brace
LifePl Consumable Recover HP and all ability 500 250
Liver Consumable Treatment for poison 200 100
LongRP Rapier A rapier is thin and light 1200 600
LongSD Sword A sword has a long blade 620 310
LopOffWP Whip
LoveBR Brace
LuckCndy Consumable Have good luck 100 50
MagicRG Ring A wepn for magicians 530 265
MagmaAR Armor Protective Armr. 4700 2350
MamothCL Clothes
Mckrl Consumable Looks tasty 60 30
Meat Consumable Casts Cure 2 200 100
Medicate Consumable Casts Atk-Up 100 50
MedusaSH Shield
MeowST Staff
MightyAR Armor Protective Armr. 2980 1490
Minnow Consumable Recover AP 300 150
Mirror Consumable Lets you escape the Queen's circulatory system, infinite usage. Once the quest is complete, the item is removed from your possession.
MisoSoup Consumable Raises Wisdom 100 50
MoonDrop Consumable Casts Renew X, Heal, & Cure X 200 100
MoonMask Helmet
MothDR Dagger A knife with a short blade 1900 950
MotherRB Robe
MystryHT Helmet
Napkin Armor Junk armor given to you as part of the WildCat test.
NationHT Helmet
NatureWP Whip
NinjaDR Dagger
NinjaML Mail Armor Rare Dragoon drop
Noe'sRB Robe
NorthDR Dagger
NoTwinRP Rapier
OceanRB Robe
Octopus Consumable Casts Atk Up on all allies Recipe: (Oven + 2 PileWm + 2 Roast)
OwlFruit Consumable
P.Pourri Consumable Casts a random spell - Angel, Flame, and Hail have been reported 1200 600
PanPizza Consumable Casts Pwr.Down 1200 600
PierceRP Rapier A rapier is thin and light 4600 2300
PileWm Consumable Recover HP Completely. 1000 500
Plate Shield Junk shield given to you as part of the WildCat test.
PwrFood Consumable Increase in strength 400 50
QuartrST Staff
QuickCL Clothes 1600 800
RainbwRB Robe
RangerCL Clothes Protective Armr. 510 255
RevetKN Knuckle Wepn worn on the fist 460 230
RiotST Staff
Ristband Shield Protective Shield 10 5
Roast Consumable Recover HP Completely. 400 200
RoyalHT Helmet
SacredSH Armor
SaladBwl Helmet Warrior's helmet 60 30
ShadowDR Dagger
Shaker Consumable Casts 8.0 800 400
ShaveIce Consumable Casts Freeze 100 50
ShinyBR Brace
ShinyHT Helmet
ShortBW Bow Bow 's wepn,long distance 150 75
ShortRP Rapier A rapier is thin and light 850 425
Shorts Armor
Shrimp Bait Be used for fishing 20 10
SilkGL Glove Protective Shield 1200 600
SilverAR Armor Protective Armr. 5800 2900
SilverDR Dagger A knife with a short blade 1200 600
SilverHT Helmet
SkullBR Brace
SlashGL Shield Protective Shield 4100 2050
SlicerDR Dagger
Smoke Consumable Meet the enemy less. 100 50
SnakeST Staff
Snper Consumable Casts Heal 3000 1500
SokletAR Helmet
SoleSD Rapier A rapier is thin and light 6000 3000
SpiritRB Robe
SprRib Consumable Casts Cure 4 800 400
Srdine Consumable Recover HP 60 30
Stamina Consumable Increases Stamina 100 50
StarrSD Sword Found in ThvsTomd post-battle while standing on a blue square.
StarSH Shield
SteelAR Shield Protective Shield 120 60
StickRod Rod
StockRP Rapier 2400 1200
StoneAR Armor
StormRG Ring
SuedeAR Armor Protective Armr. 300 150
SunMask Helmet
TearDr Consumable Treatment for a zombie 100 50
Tendon Consumable Restores 20 AP and removes 20 HP 200 100
ThndrGL Glove
ThndrRP Rapier
ThndrST Staff
ThornWP Whip
TigerSD Sword
Tolen Treasure The mystery medal? N/A N/A
Treepole Rod Be used for fishing 100 50
TreeST Staff Wepn for a dancerfighter 50 25
Tuna Consumable Treatment for poison 300 150
TwinBW Bow 3000 1500
Unagi Consumable Recover HP 60 30
Urchin Bait
Van.Ext Consumable Recover HP 120 points 1000 500
Vtmn Consumable Reverse a curse 200 100
WacWP Whip
WFruit Consumable Recover AP 20 points 200 100
WhiteSH Shield Protective Shield 4300 2150
WindBR Brace
WindRB Robe
WisdomRB Robe
WiseBL Consumable Increases 100 AP 1000 500
WiseHoop Brace
WiseRB Armor Protective Armr. 3000 1500
WizardRG Ring
WonderRP Rapier A rapier is thin and light 1980 990
WoodenDR Dagger A knife with a short blade 290 145
Worm Bait Be used for fishing 4 2
WorthRG Ring
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