Shield Defence Weight Bonuses Acquired Usable by
Bracers 1 0 n/a Purchased at McNeil Village
Dropped by Zombie
Cloth Shield 3 1 n/a Purchased at McNeil Village
Found at Mt. Glaus
Ryu Rei Garr Peco
Gauntlet 5 1 n/a Purchased at Wyndia, Genmel and Rhapala Everyone
BronzeShield 8 2 n/a Purchased at Wyndia and Genmel
Stolen from Orc
Ryu Rei Garr Peco
Buckler 12 2 n/a Purchased at Genmel and Rhapala
Found at Mt. Boumore
Dropped by Ghost
From Faerie Village
Protectors 16 1 Resists Status changes Purchased at Caer Xhan
Found at Black Ship
Dropped by Goo Titan
MithrlShield 17 3 n/a Purchased at Urkan Tapa Ryu Rei Garr Peco
SteelGntlets 21 1 n/a Purchased at Syn City Everyone
Flame Shield 25 3 Resists Flame Dropped by Lizard Man Ryu Rei Garr Peco
Kite Shield 28 3 n/a Purchased Parch Ryu Garr Peco
Ice Shield 28 3 Resists Frost Found at Inner Sea Ryu Rei Garr Peco
SpikedGntlts 28 1 Power +5 Purchased at Kombinat
From Faerie Village
LaquerShield 33 3 n/a Purchased at Kombinat
Found at Relay Point A
Ryu Garr Peco
Mind Shield 34 3 Intelligence +5
Casts Leech Power
Purchased at Caer Xhan
Dropped by Drak and Newt
Ryu Rei Garr Momo
DragonShield 42 3 Absorbs Flame Found at Station Myria Ryu
Aries Gloves 44 2 Power +10 Stolen from Berserkr Everyone
GiantShield 45 5 n/a Found at Station Myria Garr