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Main Characters[]


Ryu is the main character from Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, he has been given the ability to transform into a dragon for a limited period of time. He travels along with Lin, Nina and Bosch.

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Nina is a victim of an experiment that surgically grafted Air Filters into her back. To keep the experiment secret, she also had her vocal chords removed which made her the mute character instead of Ryu.

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Bosch at first is Ryu's partner and "friend" in the Rangers, but later becomes one of the principal antagonists throughout the game.

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Lin is an agent of Trinity, a group that is opposed to the current government.

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The Dragon that links with Ryu and guides him on his journey to the surface, he has a mysterious connection to Elyon

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The Dragon linked to the D-Contruct that was grafted to Bosch's body, he uses Bosch's obsession to fulfill his own goals of reclaiming the surface world for himself.

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Leader of the Regents and the first Chosen, he is a mysterious and powerful being who is also known by the title Origin

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A Regent known as the "Sword Saint" and master of the Beast Skill sword-style, he is also Bosch's father.

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A Regent with the ability to manipulate time and space, she can see the future and has a friendly rivalry with Jezuit.

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Youngest of the Regents, Cupid is constantly protected by her immortal beast.

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A Regent with the lowest D-Ratio of the group, he uses the power of "Shadowalk" and dislikes the D-Ratio system.

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Former leader of the Regents, he lost his eye in a battle with Elyon years ago.

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Notable Characters[]

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Violet Zeno[]

Captain Violet Zeno is the head of the Rangers and the instructor to Ryu.

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Former Regent and leader of the anti-government organization Trinity

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Leader of the Dark Rangers with the power to consume the souls of comrades to gain their power.

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BioCorp Scientist[]

A scientist who experimented on Nina. He may have also grafted the D-Constructs arm onto Bosch's body.

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