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BoFV LinArtwork
Agent of Trinity
170 cm (5'7")
Personal Action
Lock-on, Charge Shot
Voice actor
Kumiko Watanabe

Lin is a playable character in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Role in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

Lin is a 21 year-old agent of Trinity, a group that is opposed to the current government. Because of this, her D-Ratio number has been erased. She meets Ryu shortly after he rescues Nina and joins him in protecting her as they climb to the surface.

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Field Abilities[]

Taking advantage of her skills with guns, Lin can Lock-on to a target and initiate a battle from a distance. When facing multiple or particularly difficult foes, it is normally advantageous to keep an enemy at a safe distance to minimize damage taken. However, if an enemy catches her by surprise and manage to close in, she will have a hard time responding and getting the first hit. She can also destroy boxes from a distance. When used in conjunction with Nina's Item Vaccuum, this allows the party to gather items from a distance without running into enemies.

Lin's second ability, Charge Shot, knocks back (but doesn't injure/kill) foes that are hit by the blast. This can be useful to avoid fights or mess with enemy formations before battle. She is a sitting duck while charging, so it's best to give Lin plenty of room before using this ability.

In Combat[]

Lin is the slowest character in the party, but this is offset by her considerable attack range with firearms. Her skills can cause status effects or manipulate enemy position. She can push away enemies at a safer distance or into Nina's glyphs.

Her personal action in battle is Profile, which is used to view data on the enemy. This information includes HP, elemental strengths and weaknesses, item drop data, and what that can be stolen from them. Lin has to be within movement radius of the enemy to use it, but it costs no AP.


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