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灯台 Toudai (Lighthouse)
Sign LighthouseSign Sprite
Rhapala Region

The Lighthouse is a location within Breath of Fire III. It helps guide Porter's Guild ships through the Inner Sea.


As they are in need of a boat to get to Angel Tower, the party travels to Rhapala, only to learn that the boat is not available. Many suspect that the Lighthouse, which is used to help guide the ships, is to blame, as it's not working. However, no Porter's Guild men can go near the Lighthouse due to it being overrun with monsters. Zig decides to fix the Lighthouse and kill the monsters in order to impress Shadis, which motivates Beyd, who is also in love with Shadis, to train with the party and fix it first. Beyd and Zig have a duel to see who gets to fix the Lighthouse. Beyd wins the duel, but is badly injured in the process, so the party is recruited to do the job instead.

The party manages to get the Lighthouse boiler running, which attracts the attention of the monster guarding it: Gazer. After the party kills Gazer, they turn on the light. A Faerie tries to stop them, but only succeeds in jamming the lever in place, which prevents the Lighthouse from being turned off. It's revealed that the faeries were the ones who placed Gazer to guard the Lighthouse in order to prevent it from being turned on. The faerie forces the party to come to the Faerie Village in order to "solve" the problem the Lighthouse causes them, giving them the Faerie Tiara. After this, the Lighthouse is now operational and is not visited during the story again.


Item Location
Coin In a chest on the uppermost level of the first raised section of the Lighthouse exterior
MithrlShield In a chest down a narrow path just past the first section of the Lighthouse exterior
Swallow Eye Hidden behind a corner on the second section of the Lighthouse exterior
Skill Ink In a case in the Lighthouse interior, to the southwest of the entrance
Dream Ring In a case on the lowest level of the Lighthouse interior, near the entrance to the boiler room
Flame Chrysm x3 In cases stored in an exterior chamber accessed near the lower entrance to the boiler room
Faerie Tiara Given by the Faerie after turning the Lighthouse back on



Game Data[]

The Eldritch Gene can be found on top of the Lighthouse, just to the left of the light bulb.


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